Tuesday, October 03, 2017

It's Alive?

I'm alive. I was never at any point dead, but I'm sure at least one person who used to read this site might have assumed I might've been. I know I've wondered about sites I visit where they just stop posting suddenly. Like the excellent Slasher review site A Slash Above... where the writer there abruptly just stopped after writing pretty regularly for years. What happened? You figure the guy just got bored and stopped, but now the site has a expired domain message and you wonder why someone would just let years of movie review disappear.

For me I just kinda didn't feel like I had anything worth posting for a few days. That turned to weeks, then months, then years. It became a pain in the ass to keep up all the different releases being put out by every company in every country. Then the VOD stuff, the DirecTV before VOD releases, theatrical releases, limited theatrical releases that never play here because North Carolina is weird. I'm also not confident in my movie review writing, probably because I'm not really a writer. I'm a horror fan who would like to be a writer, but I'm just not great at it. It would take me hours to crank out a sub-par 4 paragraph review. I'm also not ideal for reviewing the A/V or extras on Blu-rays because I'm just not enough of a stickler about picture and audio quality to really give an opinion. I've always been more interested in watching movies to enjoy them, not to analyze every detail on the transfer. Of course you want your favorites to look as good as possible, but I've never really been one to care too much if the movie isn't perfect. I enjoy my Blu-ray copy of Return of the Living Dead just as much as I enjoyed it back when I only had a VHS tape with no cover. So yeah, basically it just got to be hard to keep up with everything.

Moving on. On forums I frequent it's time for the October Viewing Lists to start showing up. Apparently some people only watch Horror during All Hallows Month (that's not a thing people say, just go with it). As a Horror fan, I watch Horror very regularly throughout the year. I'll watch a Christmas themed movie in September, I'll watch a summer camp slasher on New Year's Day, I don't care. But I'm trying to participate this year and really Horror it up this month and I thought maybe posting what I'm watching on here as well might get me back into posting more frequently. You know, more than once every 31 months. So basically I'm going to watch a bunch of Halloweeny stuff this month, and I'll post some little capsule reviews, blurbs, thoughts and whatever for what I'm watching.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you watch this month, it's great to see you posting again!

phelpster said...

Thanks, I've got some pretty ridiculous movies lined up, so keep checking back

jocko botsi said...

Glad you're back!


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