Friday, August 25, 2006

Bizarre Freaks and Exploding Hookers!

I am making what I feel is my greatest post here at The Morgue. I know I've put smiles on a lot of people's faces by sharing soundtracks to a lot of classic films like The Shining and Videodrome (and of course the ultimate cinematic experience, Return of the Living Dead.) But I don't think anything can prepare any of you for Joe Renzetti's soundtrack to the films Basket Case 2 and....wait for it.... Frankenhooker!

Basket Case 2 is a film that actually scares me, as weird as that sounds. It's the creature designs more than the actual movie. They were clearly designed on a low budget, but I think the cheapness adds to the overall creepiness of them.

And of course myself and anyone deranged enough to frequent The Morgue will recognize Frankenhooker as one of the all time great undead prostitute films. It's got all the elements. A killer Lawn Mower. Super Crack. Exploding Hookers. A Pimp named Zorro. Bunions. It's actually not a very gruesome movie. I mean sure theres a scene where like ten hookers explode, but it's so funny you fail to notice at the time. It's really quite romantic comedy-ish most of the time. But like good 80's Cusack romantic comedy, not current romantic comedy. Seriously, see it with someone you love.

1. I'm Pregnant,I'm Dead (03:33)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
2. Granny At Freaks Tent (02:54)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
3. Barbecue (02:18)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti and Robert Sands
4. Original Main Titles (not used in final version of film) (02:22)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
5. Out Of Hospital (01:39)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
6. Out Of Window (01:49)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
7. The Big Escape (03:38)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
8. Room Of Memories (02:17)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
9. In The Attic (03:20)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
10. Granny Meeting (04:24)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
11. In Love (01:55)
from "Basket Case 2" by Joe Renzetti
12. Main Titles (04:11)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti
13. Lookin' For Hookers (03:10)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti and Robert Sands
14. Jeffrey And Parts (04:35)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti
15. The Creation (03:59)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti
16. The Eyeball / Happy Day (02:34)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti
17. Jeffrey Fixes Elisabeth (03:18)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti
18. Zoro Killing (03:58)
from "Frankenhooker" by Joe Renzetti

My god. Bunions!


Colate said...

Great post man. Love Joe Renzetti. Keep'em coming!!!

Breton Girl said...

Still by Joe Renzetti, have you got the Poltergeist III soundtrack? I'm still searching for this one......

Anonymous said...

This is just what I needed...A freaky hooker. Thanks.

SkunkApe said...

Good timing on this one. Haven't listened yet but im sure it will get me excited for Unearth's release of Frankenhooker and Synapse's Basket Case 2 in the near future!

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