Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mystery Science Theater lives.....sort of.

I just wanted to point anyone who is a fan of Mystery Science Theater, Mike Nelson or just a fan of smartassedness in general towards this site:

It came out about a month or so ago, the site calls them commentaries, but it's pretty much MST3K without the silhouette. Or Tom. Or Crow. Although Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy may join him in the future. So far he's only got new "commentaries" up for Road House and The Fifth Element. I was laughing out loud through at least 80% of Road House, and I'm going to check out The Fifth Element this weekend. The bit Mike does over the end of Road House is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Ever.

Anyway, they're $2 a piece to download. You just sync it up to the DVD and play the rifftrax on your MP3 player, or whatever you want to use. Hilarity ensues. I'm not going to put them up on here, because Mike Nelson is my idol and I want as many rifftrax as possible. Seriously, he's my idol. I will name my first born child Mike Nelson. Well that is unless the wife isn't cool with that, then we'll probably just call him Steve or Dave or something not as exciting. They're doing Star Trek V next, and XXX and Point Break should be coming up soon.

Remember "Pain don't hurt."

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Anonymous said...

if anyone wants rifftrax for rifftrax then email
i've got atleast 10+

we'll see what we have when you email me


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