Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FedEx can NOT ship human corpses?

I was going over the list of stuff FedEx can't ship at work tonight and found this part quite hilarious:

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What the hell?? Who is showing up with a dead guy at a FedEx location trying to ship him somewhere? "Um, yeah I just killed this guy and thought he'd like to be buried in his home town. He's got a family plot and all, is there a form I need to fill out?" It had to happen at least once for them to add it to the list. Well, not necessarily a murder victim shipping attempt, but someone had to have tried to ship some type of dead person at some point, at least part of them. And you just know the guy trying to ship the dearly departed had to give whoever refused to ship the body shit about not letting him ship it.

1 comment:

ISBUM said...

I sent half a dusted guy once.
They didn't seem to mind.


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