Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jet Black Berries - Desperate Fires

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This is Jet Black Berries 1986 album Desperate Fires. I love these guys, but there's not too much information floating around out there about them. They were on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, and were known as New Math either before and/or after being known as Jet Black Berries. Hopefully someone out there can fill me on, so I can stop sounding like a total idiot on this post. I think the first two tracks are a bit on the average side, but things pick up after that. I recommend "The Hardest Thing", one of my favorite songs. If anyone knows where to find their album Animal Necessity, let me know. I can't find that one anywhere.

1. Fatherly Advice
2. Kid Alaska
3. So Hard To Leave
4. Long Distance 5. Tomb Of Love
6. The Flesh Element
7. Passin' Thru
8. Sweet Revenge
9. Lonesome Code
10. The Hardest Thing
11. Childhood's End



Anonymous said...

Hi there - I'm a fan of the JBBs/NM, and have finally been looking again for info on them... apparently you have mp3s or something of them on that RAR file... unfortunately all I have here in remore Alaska where I work is a US Gov internet, and they block way too much - including the site where the rar file is! (oooo, scary, they might be tarists there!). Man, it's enough just getting this $#@!! blogger message thing to work here...

Anyway, if you might be able to either ftp the rar file to me, or mail on a cd, i'd be happy to reimburse or trade... Let me know - here's my info:

[email hidden to lower spam exposure...]

sonicdeathsound said...

Hey, I've been looking for more records by the jbbs, and this one apparently has been removed from rapidshare! could you possibly upload it again??


phelpster said...

sonicdeatsound - Thanks for the request, I just got it back up, so click on the link and enjoy!

sonicdeathsound said...

Hey, thanks a bunch! I've got their record Sundown On Venus, I could upload it and post it in case you haven't.

phelpster said...

No problem, hope you're enjoying it. I actually have Sundown on Venus already, but thanks a lot for the offer. Oh and by the way, sorry for calling you sonicdeatsound in my last comment, completely left off the "h". I'm sure you don't care, probably didn't even notice, I just hate when I catch myself making a mistake like that.

Anonymous said...

hey man, was browsing late at night and saw your interest in the JBB's. I was the drummer in the band and happy to say the songwriter of "the hardest thing." glad you liked the song...I still remember the lead singer didn't want to put it on the record!!! Had to throw some sticks at em to get it there. I and the guitarist and the bassist for the the JBB's are actually currently in a band called the Atomic Swindlers. Diferent style of music but still very can check it out at and i can be emailed through our to ya man....

phelpster said...

Roy - Wow, very cool to hear from you! The Hardest Thing is probably my 2nd favorite song you guys did, after Love Under Will so I'm very glad you were able to get them to put it on the album. Also thanks for the link to your new band, I love a lot of female fronted bands so I'll definitely be sure and check The Atomic Swindlers out. Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Colin said...


I'm also a huge Jet Black Berries/New Math fan. I had the good fortune back in 2001 to manage to get in touch with Gary Trainer, guitarist/bassist of both versions of the band, and he was wonderful to exchange emails with.

You can find "Animal Necessity" on vinyl at There might be a cassette version there, but it's pretty unlikely. I have a cassette version of it, but it's worn out from years of playing!

Also, a small record company in New York released a collection of New Math songs called "Wake The Dead." Google that and you might find a copy.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!


Christopher said...

I have Animal Necessity on vinyl & if I can find a way to convert it to MP3 format, I'll be more than happy to share it with everyone. It's a really fun record to listen to.

Last fall, I got into contact with Gary Trainer via Myspace. One of the nicest guys you can talk to. He's a very kind person that really appreciates his fans. He sent me four records, all of which were autographed. New Math - They Walk Among You, New Math - Gardens, The Jet Black Berries - Desperate Fires, & The Jet Black Berries - Animal Necessity.

Gary's current band, The Atomic Swindlers, is a very talented band. It's good to see Gary, Chris, & Roy still making music together after all these years.


Chris said...

Phelpster, could you please reupload this? I'm not getting anything when I click the link. My computer crapped out on me & I lost pretty much everything the other day.

Thanks very much! :)

love.under.will said...

I Got Animal Necessity, if you still want it, write me!!

PD: and YES, was so fucking hard to find it.!!


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