Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future II

Back to the Future Part II, my personal favorite of the BTTF Trilogy. I still think Part I was the best overall, but I enjoy Part II a little bit more. The plot to Part II actually gets pretty complicated, but it remains very funny, exciting and highly entertaining. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are great as always but Thomas Wilson steals the show as like 5 different Biffs. There's Geriatric Biff, Young Stupid Griff, 50's Biff, 1985 Biff, and Incredibly Wealthy Alternate Universe 1985 Biff. That is a ton of Biff, and being that Biff is hilarious, that's alright by me.

Anyone else remember Pizza Hut's promotional sunglasses they came out with immediately after the release of Back to the Future II? I used to have the whole set, when I was a kid, no idea where they are now. Judging by this picture, I think I can live without them:


The Fiji Mermaid said...

Excellent post,I'm a big fan of both the movies and Alan's scores. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ace! have you got the soundtrack to part 3 you could bless us with? - many thanks

Greg said...

PART II is also my favorite of the also is the best of Silvestri's BTTF scores.

scumbalina said...

I'm not sure I could live without those glasses, lol.

Anonymous said...

the trilogy was great overall, but the second film was the weakest link.

ironically, the movie that actually shows the future is the most dated of all 3 movies simply because all the predictions were way off and the special effects look weak. however, the special effects in 1 and 3 look great, even though the stories take place in the past.

1 and 3 also have good emotional stories. i really didn't care about marty and his outcome in the second movie. i was simply there for the adventure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much


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