Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jean Rollin Interview from 1982 Starburst Magazine

I thought this was pretty interesting. It's a Jean Rollin interview from Starburst Magazine, their 1982 Zombie Issue to be exact. Which, incidentally was one of the coolest eBay purchases I've made. I'm a big Rollin fan and I thought it was cool hearing about a film he's "preparing to do called Living Dead Girl." Click on the image above to actually read the interview.


dom said...

nice to read rollin's admiring comment on "martin", which shares rollin's films meeting of vampire mythology with the contemporary world.

i think he's right about "dawn of the dead", it was my favourite film growing up & like many I saw it over & over, but on recent viewings I've found it unsatisfying.

Anonymous said...

thanks, I like those slow Rollin movies too, they are a genre by itself! Had a chance to meet the guy as well.
Concerning Dawn of the Dead: the great thing about this film is you can discover new layers every time you watch it (or compare the three different versions). There's a lot more to it then just the genre epic everybody takes it for...


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