Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Barry Goldberg - Return of the Living Dead 3

Brian Yunza's Return of the Living Dead 3. Return of the Living Dead is my favorite movie, so obviously it's my favorite of the trilogy, but I think Part 3 would be my second favorite. It's not a great movie, but I do think it's a respectable effort. Of course, don't take my word for it, I even like Part 2, which is considered by many to be a complete and total piece of crap. I think what bothered most people about Part 2 was the overuse of cheesy comedy. Sure the original was very funny, but that was due to the characters and how they reacted to the situations. Part 2 tries to be wacky a little bit too much, I'm amazed they didn't work a zombie fart joke into the film. (By the way, I'm aware of and own ROTLD 4 Necropolis and ROTLD 5 Rave From The Grave, but I refuse to acknowledge those as actual Return of the Living Dead films.)

ROTLD 3 is much more serious than any of the other films in the series. Perhaps a little too serious to where it's even a bit depressing at times. Starring Melinda Clarke (or Mindy as she's credited in this), of recently canceled mindless melodramatic teeny bopper soap opera The O.C. as Julie, a girl who bites it in a motorcycle accident while running away with her aspiring drummer boyfriend. The boyfriend, Curt, is played J. Trevor Edmond, who you might recognize as the tremendously miscast badass in the hilariously terrible Pumpkinhead 2. Curt is distraught over losing Julie, because while he didn't know her all that long, she was really, really hot. Oh, and he loved her. I guess. So he does what any loving boyfriend would do, sneaks her corpse into his father's top secret military lab and resurrects her with some zombifying toxin. Since Curt never saw the full effect of what this toxin does to a corpse, this plan backfires as she gradually turns into a flesh-eating she-beast. Albeit, a hot flesh-eating she-beast. It's a pretty good film overall, but I think it has too much of a military sci-fi film kind of feel during several scenes. Still, check it out if you haven't already.

1. Intro title (02:54)
2. Enter the isolation room (01:21)
3. Lab enter (01:32)
4. Osc'scope zombie (04:22)
5. Zombie a go go (01:44)
6. Worker zombie (01:21)
7. The motorcycle ride (00:51)
8. Julie's dead (01:48)
9. Back at the lab (03:44)
10. Julie comes back to life (00:54)
11. Lab full of zombies (03:53)
12. Shooting in the store (00:35)
13. Julie's first bite (00:46)
14. Escape from the store (03:01)
15. Police investigate (02:42)
16. Julie's first piecing (00:39)
17. Julie's rebuke (00:39)
18. riverman (00:31)
19. Julie falls (01:06)
20. Riverman meets Kurt (00:32)
21. Julie is found (01:41)
22. Kids flee (03:28)
23. Riverman's tale (00:57)
24. COIN / Tunnel (01:26)
25. Julie shows her stuff (08:34)
26. Fight and capture (04:14)
27. Julie is freed (05:45)
28. Last fight / end credits (10:12)

Julie, are you eating him? You should stop it.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this album. I think the film was a nice effort, and it included a very sexy Mindy... that has to count for something!

Congo said...

Thanks for this, it's a pretty good film, and you're right to stay away from ROTLD 4 and 5!

Lacey said...

You might want to remind all of your CSI fans out there that the young lady in question in this film IS "Lady Heather."

Just a bit of trivia for you.


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