Saturday, May 26, 2007

SCREAM! The Creepiest Comic Ever!

Here's the first four issues of SCREAM!, the short-lived comic from the UK that sort of came and went in the mid-80's. Being that I was only about 3 (and American) when SCREAM! came out, I'd never really heard much about it, so it was cool checking them out when I found them. Well, these aren't my scans, so I mean it was cool checking out the scans when I found them to download. The covers are pretty weak compared to what you'd get with any issue of Creepy or Eerie, or the Tales From the Crypt/Vault of Horror comics, but the interior artwork is great. For more info on SCREAM, I suggest you take a look at the SCREAM! Back From The Depths site. They have a lot of information on the comic, plus a couple of issues to check out as well.


dom said...

I was 13 when this came out but i don't remember seeing it, i probably hadnt quite discovered horror, i remember getting a british comic called "Warlord" which was a war comic, one issue came with a free bullet pendant, i can't imagine that happening today. There was a horror comic for girls in Britain I remember called "Misty", although I'm male i bought one & remember it being really crap.

dom said...

Heh heh, just looking inside issue 1 & saw 2 people who, though household name in Britain, won't mean much to anyone else. The cartoon of Bruce Forsyth chained up, Forsyth is a tv entertainer best known for hosting game shows (he was also in the film "Bedknobs & Broomsticks") & the "Arfer" character made up to look like a vampire is actor George Cole who is best known for playing a character called Arthur Daley in a tv show called "Minder" (Arfer being the way a person from London might pronounce Arthur)...Cole was a film actor from boyhood & also starred in the horror film "Fright" which oddly enough starred his future "Minder" co star Dennis ("Scars of Dracula") Waterman.

Al said...

Thank you,

I really enjoyed reading these first four issues.

But, you have left me with a thirst for more, more, more. So Many Questions left unanswered.

I look forward to future postings with hope.

mieko said...

I was a fan when I was about 12 years old. I still have all the original copies. Do you think they are worth much ?

Cadet said...

I still have 1-7 any one want to buy them....?

Anonymous said...

i'd love to buy any old copies if anyone has any
I had some- i used to make book covers from these - i loved them !!
blast from the past

email me at


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