Thursday, June 07, 2007

EERIE - New Terror In The Creepy Tradition!

Here are a few more issues of EERIE. This set includes issue #5 (Sept. 1966), #6 (Nov. 1966), and #7 (Jan. 1967). The cover for issue #7 is among my favorite Frank Frazetta work, I've always loved that cover. Although, after just looking through some of his work earlier today before this post, I'd hard-pressed to find something he's done that I didn't like.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Eerie Magazines.
You make think this is strange but it would be a lot of fun to print out some black and white pages and give them to the kids to color in with color pencils.
Its hard to get monsters for the boys.
I use to do this with Vampirella Magazines. I used color pencils and tried to make them look like professional 'in-between' artists. These artists color the film, aka cells, in animated movies.

Anonymous said...

check out Frank Frazetta unofficial web site. It has Hi res of much of his works including comics and sketches.

Anonymous said...

At the Megaupload site: "Temporarily unavailable"... anyone else getting this?


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