Monday, June 25, 2007

Blue Öyster Cult - Bad Channels

Found the soundtrack from the 1992 Full Moon film, Bad Channels, an attempted Sci-Fi Comedy from Subspecies director Ted Nicolaou. Sadly, Bad Channels isn't very good, or very entertaining, but it is notable for it's soundtrack. Well that and the fact that it stars Martha Quinn, one of the original veejays from MTV from way back when MTV had some kind of reason to have that "M" in the name. Anyway, the soundtrack. In addition to featuring two Blue Oyster Cult songs (which I believe are only available on this album), BOC's guitarist Buck Dharma is credited with writing the score. Apart from the Blue Oyster Cult songs and Buck Dharma score, the album also features several songs by a few unknown bands - Joker, Fair Game, Sykotik Sinfoney, and DMT.

I can't explain why, but the song "Manic Depresso (I'm So Happy)" by Sykotik Sinfony (and the accompanying video featured in the film) scares the living hell out of me. I can watch the scariest of horror films and not bat an eye, but I refuse to ever watch the video from this song again. I don't know, I think it's that little guy in the nun costume. In theory, a little crossdressing nun wailing EVH-style on a guitar while wearing a creepy Halloween mask is hilarious, but frankly it really creeps me out. A lot. In fact the whole band does, but mostly that nun guy, his image is burned into my brain. If you click on the link above, you can find the video I'm talking about on that site. The horror.

1. Demon's Kiss-Blue Oyster Cult
2. The Horsemen Arrive-Blue Oyster Cult
3. That's How It Is-Joker
4. Jane Jane (The Hurricane)-Joker
5. Somewhere In The Night-Fair Game
6. Blind Faith-Fair Game
7. Manic Depresso-Sykotik Sinfoney
8. Mr Cool-Sykotik Sinfoney
9. Myth Of Freedom-DMT
10. Touching Myself Again-DMT
11. Little Old Lady Polka-The Ukelaliens
12. Bad Channels Overture
13. Power Station
14. Power Station II
15. Shadow
16. VU
17. Cosmo Rules But Lump Controls
18. Battering Ram
19. This Dude Is Fucked
20. Pick Up Her Feed
21. Spray That Scumbag
22. Out Of Station
23. Tree Full Of Owis
24. Cookie In Bootle
25. Corky Gets It
26. Eulogy For Corky
27. Spore Bomb
28. Remodeling
29. Ginger Snaps
30. Moon Gets It


Anonymous said...

great post, that video is FREAKY.

Scumbalina said...

ha! the sykotic sinfoney video was what made the whole movie worth while for me. Well, not really, the whole movie is pretty fun. But I forced everyone I know to watch just the one video. Something about it seems really Gwar-like to me. I like it :-D

oddly enough I bought a used copy of this right around the time you posted it, just noticed now, hehe.

Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

I actually own this CD ... of course, if it's got BOC credited on the cover I pretty much HAVE to have it.

I actually had a fairly awkward conversation with Buck Dharma about Bad Channels not long after the movie/CD was released. I got the impression I accidentally hurt his feelings when I complained I could barely hear the score during the movie (which was attributed to my crappy TV and not the quality of the music.)

And for the longest time I was sure Sykotic Sinfoney was really Mr. Bungle, but that proved to be false.

- Simon

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I was sent here by The Long Island Ripper, who told me about your cool website and soundtrack download. I'm a huge BAD CHANNELS fan, and Full Moon fan too.

I saw the BAD CHANNELS CD in a local store when it was new. I didn't have the money to buy it then, so I waited until I did. Then I went back and it was gone! I figured I'd order it from Full Moon's mail order dept., but I never did that either. I rented the video and later taped the movie off of Cinemax. Unfortunately, Cinemax cut the post-credits scene! Last Halloween I bought "Full Moon Classics Volume 1", a region free DVD set with 5 movies, including BAD CHANNELS. Thankfully, BAD CHANNELS was uncut.

Sorry that the Sykotik Sinfoney video scares you. I think it's hilarious! The song "Manic Depresso" is the reason I wanted the soundtrack, although all of the songs are good, including the score. BOC rocks, of course.

Thank you for posting this soundtrack. I am very happy I have this burned to a CD as well as owning a good copy of the movie on DVD. You rock, man!

OX_Bigly said...

You go another link besides usenet?


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