Sunday, June 10, 2007

CREEPY - Comics To Give You The Creeps!

I've just gotten my hands on some more comics, so here's the first set of CREEPY for you guys. And girls. Girls like comics too, right? Anyway, as cool as EERIE is, I've always been a bit more into CREEPY. I don't know, I probably just had less issues of EERIE when I was a kid. Either way, both were very awesome. So here's CREEPY. Included in this set are Issue #1 (Jan. 1965), #2 (Apr. 1965), #3 (June 1965) and #4 (Aug. 1965).

For any of you who happen to be anti-comics, and just wish I'd post some damn music already, don't worry my next few posts should be music-related. I'm just tremendously unorganized these days, and I need to sort through my stuff and see what I want to post. And since I just started getting these comics, they're much easier for me to locate and sort through.

If you haven't done so recently why not check out the archives on the sidebar? This is my 356th post on this site, so there's probably something you want that you might have missed. And if you come across something there that you want that isn't there, just leave a comment, and I'll try and get it back up in the next couple of days.

And while I'm here, I think I'll list a few of my recently reupped files. I've seen a couple of other sites do this, and it makes so much sense that I feel a bit less intelligent for not thinking of it myself. The Fat Boys - All Meat, No Filler, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and Francis Lai - Bilitis

To the person who requested the Straw Dogs reup, check back later today or tomorrow and that one will be back up. Gotta find the disc that one is on first.


phelpster said...

Oh balls, I just checked and Megaupload is giving me the "File Temporarily Not Available" routine. If you guys get that just give it a few minutes and try again, the file is available, I just uploaded it within the past hour. Argh.

Hellbishop said...

Yes i got the "Not Available" with your last great upload of EERIE comics. No biggie i figured it was something like this and just waited.

OH YES! CREEPY! My favorite Warren comic. Just like you i preferred it over EERIE because CREEPY seemed easier to get my hands on back in those hot sweltering summer days of childhood youth :)

An Old Man who ran a antique book store when i was a kid once told me that Warren Comics just shut down mysteriously one day with no one knowing what happened.One day they were here next gone with the wind.

Thanks phelpster for the happiness of recieving :)

Anonymous said...

how do you view them?

phelpster said...

You need a CBR reading program, like CDisplay. I'm not sure what the official site of CDisplay is but if you use Google it should come right up. You can also open them with WinRar and extract them and view each page individually.

Anonymous said...

CDisplay works great!!!!

martin said...

i'm a big fan of the comics! they definitely belong right here in the morgue

Anonymous said...

These Frazetta Covers are hardly ever seen. Just a wonderful Download for a collector like me.
Lots of good, no, great stories and Art. These are young artists who became Masters of the genre.


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