Thursday, June 28, 2007

CREEPY - Weird And Haunting Tales of Fright!

Haven't put any of these up for a while, so here we go. This set consists of issue #5 (Oct. 1965), #6 (Dec. 1965), #7 (Feb. 1966), and #8 (Apr. 1966). I highly recommend CDisplay for viewing the files. It makes it very easy to read the issues, you can just use the Page Up and Page Down keys to go back and forth through the pages.


phelpster said...

As usual MegaUpload is acting weird. If you click on the link and it says "File is temporarily unavailable" just keep trying back, it'll show up eventually.

Hellbishop said...

Thanks phelpster! My favorite of the Warren mags was always CREEPY. With all the amazing stuff your making available i dont have to worry as much about the issues i have turning yellow and crumbly in my big wooden chest of comics :)

Anonymous said...

thank for this SET 2 but why number 6 & 7 aren't in ".cbr" ??

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my message, it's ok with CDISPLAY !!

more numbers please !!!!!!

Steph From France

Anonymous said...

Very Nice.
I really appreciate these Creepy Books.
Great art and stories.
Your lucky to own them.
A friend of mine has all the Warren Vampirella Books 1 to 113. The Originals. Wants 1600. dollars for them.

Anonymous said...

i wish i had that kind of dough to spend on comics


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