Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're psychopaths! Somebody better call the school nurse!

Soundtrack from Summer School, the 1987 film directed by Carl "Procreator of Rob" Reiner. The film features Mark Harmon as Mr. Shoop, a laid back teacher forced to teach summer school with a class full of various outcasts. Among those outcasts we have Patrick Labyorteaux, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Shawnee Smith, Fabiana "Alotta Fagina" Udenio as the hot foreign girl Anna-Maria and Dean Cameron as the legendary Chainsaw, the guy every young horror fan hoped he'd grow up to be. Well, maybe not everybody, but I certainly did. It's a really entertaining movie that everyone should see at least once. Also for a straight comedy (with no horrific elements) it features some great gore effects during the brilliantly staged massacre scene. You can head on over to Cold Fusion Video Reviews for a look at all the gory details.

So here's the tracklist. I don't care how much of a wuss it makes me sound like to admit, but E.G. Daily's Mind of Matter is a fantastic song. Musically the highpoint of the film in my opinion. Sadly the other E.G. track isn't as good.

1. Happy (03:57)
Performed by Danny Elfman
2. Mind Over Matter (04:21)
Performed by E.G. Daily
3. Jackie (03:41)
Performed by Elisa Fiorillo
4. I'm Supposed to Have Sex With You (05:00)
Performed by Tonio K.
5. Seduction (03:41)
Performed by E.G. Daily
6. Brain Power (04:09)
Performed by Paul Engemann
7. All I Want From You (05:09)
Performed by Tami Show
8. Second Language (03:40)
Performed by Tone Norum
9. My Babe (02:36)
Performed by The Fabulous Thunderbirds
10. Get an Education (03:45)
Performed by Billy Burnette

You passed and I failed! You asshole! How could you do that to me?

Speaking of Dean Cameron movies with the word "school" in the title, where on Earth is a DVD of Ski School? There have been at least 3 different DVDs of Showgirls released in this country, but not 1 for Ski School? There truly is no justice in the world.


jason said...
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jason said...

Phelpster, bro, even though we haven't spoken in a bit I still monitor you man. I still need to download all of that awesome "Creepy" comics action you've posted - I loved that mag as a little kid in the 70's and I still have a vivid horror nightmare memory from that time of a monster right outta "Creepy"! Cool, huh!
As always man, it's like our brains are so on the same track all the time it's crazy! I just bought and watched "Summer School" on Sunday the 17th dude - just too psychic! I LOVE "SUMMER SCHOOL"! Me and my best friend Eric loved that movie as in 1987 we were in Junior High. Courtney Thorne-Smith was a goddess to us and of course the movie is the embodiment of everything stellar. Bein' a California boy, it almost makes me all teary just reliving all those great '80s times. Now that I just turned 34, I gotta make myself into the next "Freddy Shoop" dammit, and kick it! THE best decade hands down - so much fun! "Summer School" fuckin' proves it to anyone that wants to challenge that statement!
Take care man and talk soon.

Jason "Freycanthrope" Frey

Nathan said...

Few things warm my heart like a link back to my reviews from a blog I read. Thanks! And thanks for the soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

WoW...this is great. I love it!!! You kick some serious butt!!! And I love, love, love, your taste in music.

Anonymous said...

And movies....

Evan said...

Love all the obscure stuff, man. Could you look out for the Doctor Detroit soundtrack? I got it on vinyl but cant find it in mp3 format. Thanks for all the stuff!

phelpster said...

Jason - Yeah, Summer School always makes for an entertaining movie selection. I have the old DVD, but I think I might pick up the new one for the extras. You know, I grew up reading Creepy from when I was about 5 or 6, really young, but they never gave me nightmares. I did however have a nightmare about the Wild Things from that Where The Wild Things Are book around that same time. Jesus, that one was a doozy, that one still freaks me out when I think about it.

Nathan - Wow, I had no idea you were from the Cold Fusion site! I love that site, I've been visiting and reading reviews there for literally years now. Well few things warm my heart like having someone from one of my favorite review sites actually read and comment on my site, so we'll call it even. Thanks for the incredibly gory Summer School review, totally helped my post out. Hope you enjoy the music!

Evan - I will be certain to keep an eye out for that one. It'll make an appearance here if I find it.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Phelpster thanks for this post! I totally agree that E.G. Daily track is the fantastic.

Strangely though, my RAR file was corrupt, and I was only able to get the first 6 songs.. but I have that E.G. Daily track.

Also speaking of 80s soundtracks. Do you know if there is a unrelased "Real Genius" soundtrack out there?

phelpster said...

Fiji Mermaid - Hey, sorry your file was corrupt. I just redownloaded it myself and it's fine on my end, the download probably crapped out a little early or something. If you try it again it should work, but if not let me know, I can try to upload it somewhere else. As for Real Genius, I have a soundtrack for it with most of the songs listed on the movies IMDB soundtrack page, I can probably get that one up tomorrow.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Phelpster, thanks. I bet my download just got screwed up. Oh well. I'll try getting it again. THAT would be fantastic if you could upload Real Genius. THANKS in advance!

C said...

Real Genius was visited on this blog.

phelpster said...

Fiji - Hey, I was checking the tracks out from Real Genius and looks like a couple of the tracks have glitches. So I just up some Creepy issues for today, but I am trying to track down the few damaged tracks and I'll put it up once I get those.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, excellent work!

Thanks a lot, my friend!

I've been looking for Tonio K.'s track, almost everywhere..!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Please repost this is dead..


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