Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos - The Animated Series!

I've seen Karate Kommandos, now you will hear about it. All 5 episodes that aired back in 1986.

The set-up is pretty much like any standard 80s Action-Toon with a message; G.I. Joe, Mister T, Magnum P.I., etc. Chuck and his Karate Kommandos must fight off countless evil henchmen sent by the even eviler Klaw (no, not this guy) - leader of some sort of notorious evildoing organization. Klaw and his Kronies use everything from parachuting ninjas to the walking dead to stop the CNKK, but as you'd imagine Chuck and the gang are an unstoppable force of asswhoopery.

In addition to Norris (pronounced "NOORRRRIISSS!!", apparently - you'll see), The Karate Kommando troupe includes:
  • Pepper (no, not her) , a technology expert and mechanic - She's the hot one
  • Reed, Chuck's young apprentice and Pepper's brother - He's totally unremarkable
  • Kimo, a samurai - He farts in evil's general direction
  • Tabe, a sumo champion - He's the fat one.
  • Too Much - Chuck's young ward. He's an idiot.
In addition to roughly 20 minutes of white-knuckle animated action, each episode contains a live-action intro by Chuck (seemingly on the set of the Total Gym infomercial) where he sets up the episode. Sometimes shirtless. Then at the end of the episodes Charles gives us a morality briefing. Sometimes shirtless. Sort of like a non-undead (or "living"), occasionally shirtless Cryptkeeper.

Things to Watch For: (sure this is a ripoff of Joe Bob's thing, but it's fun to do, so I'll probably do this more often with stuff I post)
  • Sealab 1986
  • Manned Torpedoes
  • Headlock At 17,000 Feet
  • The Laser Robot
  • Voodoo Induced Owie
  • Mmmm...Barbecue Chuck Norris
  • Trains That Lose And Gain Cars At Will
  • Parachute Ninjas Of Perpetual Doom
  • Tough Actin' Tanaka
  • Thelma and Louise-ing It
  • Jet Propelled Hang Gliders

Go Kommando


phelpster said...

If anyone is having trouble downloading these, keep trying. Seems like both Lix.in and Rapidshare are acting very slow right now.

Poo Flinger said...

Hey Phelpster, Thanks for this and if you are intereted in posting some thing I have a DVD rip of Double Dragon (1994) Staring: Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf and Alyssa Milano. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106761/

phelpster said...

Poo - You know, I've never actually seen Double Dragon, but the premise of Scott Wolff and Mark Decascos being paired up as brothers sounds too goofy to pass up. You're welcome to upload it and share the links if you like. I think the DVD is out of print so it should be cool to post here. Thanks for the offer:)

Poo Flinger said...
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Poo Flinger said...
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Poo Flinger said...

No problem, here are the links
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
join with hjsplit and extract

phelpster said...

Cool, thanks a lot:) I'm working on getting a post ready to include the links with. I'm also going to post ROMS of the games and the Arcade Soundtrack with it. I'm going to watch the movie myself first to take notes though.

eda said...



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