Friday, September 12, 2008

Phelpster's Custom Covers : Volume 3

I thought it was time to post a few more of my custom covers. Like last time I have linked the images to my DeviantArt pages, so if you want to see one larger just click on the link, then click on the image on DeviantArt.

First up is Child's Play. A new DVD of the first Child's Play just came out a few days ago. I think the new cover is pretty cool, but my idea was to try and design the case after the Good Guys box. If I were working for MGM and had final say in the packaging, the idea was to have there be a slip sleeve with a hole in it where Chucky appears on the front. Then put some clear plastic on the slip sleeve to make it look like Chucky was still packaged up, waiting to get out. Maybe if Universal ever gets the rights to the first movie they could make a box set using a similar design. This one, as you can see, is not complete. But until I find a scan of the back of the Good Guy dolls box I'm just keeping it incomplete.

Next up is my experimental Army of Darkness cover. You may remember a while back I posted an image of the Japanese Army of Darkness poster. I've tried to use that and work it into DVD form. The back was done by me, but I couldn't even attempt to match up the cluttered chaos of the front on the back. And I hate the Special Features box on the back, but I couldn't come up with anything better than what I have there already.

Here is my cover for The Incredible Shrinking Man. Universal released it in a Classic Sci-Fi Collection, but I found an old cover from Richard Matheson's box and just had to use it for something. So I've made Shrinking Man his own cover, based on the basic template used for a lot of Universal's classic titles like Rear Window or Vertigo.

This is from the 1968 film The Green Slime. I used a very cool poster I found for the front and kind of improvised on the back. Someone suggested I change the font color to green for the title, but I couldn't find a green I liked for it.

Someone over on the HorrorDVDs forum requested a cover for unbelievably bizarre TerrorVision (starring Bud The CHUD!), here's what I came up with. This one was kind of a pain in the ass because the front image came from a Dutch VHS, so I had to remove the tagline and do an English one over the front. I think it worked out okay, but I need to fix the spine a bit, the title looks a bit weird there.


Donovans Brain said...

Man those are sweet. Nice job. That Child's Play cover is really clever and that Green Slime artwork is wild. That's a flick that needs a DVD release pronto. TCM ran it a few times but fullscreen. The movie is a blast.

Miguel Andrade said...

Oh! Very cool work! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love your Idea For child's Play - It would give you the shivers even before you popped the movie into the player

Anonymous said...

I hope you've put the Child's Play idea in front of someone at Universal. Great job.

kindertrauma said...

The Child's play cover is brilliant!- UNK

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