Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mary Shelley Overdrive Unveils Full-Length Debut

Back in July I made a post featuring a free EP download from a group of very cool guys known collectively as Mary Shelley Overdrive. Since that post a couple of guys from the band have been nice enough to keep me updated with the various goings-on that are, uh, going on with them. Well today they let me know that their first full-length album is officially available for purchase. You can buy the album at Createspace, or you can download the MP3s from Amazon or Snocap if you prefer. If that cover doesn't scream out "Buy Me!" I don't know what does. For more info on the album and the band check out their site. You can also hear a lot of samples of their music on their MySpace page (see the Snocap link above). If you like what you hear, I urge you to buy the album. Hell, buy two, they're cool guys.

That's not the only reason I'm posting though, today I am proud to debut a couple of songs from their upcoming EP entitled Bride of Shock Theatre, that were sent to me by Simon (he's in the band!). One is a cover of New Math's song They Walk Among You, the second is a MSO original called The Lament of Janos Skorzeny. You can check both of those tracks out exclusively-ish (I think) at the link below. The EP will be available as a free download on their site starting October 4th.

Also, before I go, I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to both Simon (see above) from Mary Shelley Overdrive and my best-friend-since-I-was-9, better known as David.

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