Friday, April 12, 2013

Emily From The Beyond Gets Awesome Figure

Here's a very cool horror collectible I came across earlier. Emily and her not-always trusty dog Dickey from The Beyond. My first thought was "Sweet, I must own this at once." My second thought after clicking the link to the Otacute site and seeing the $161.50 price tag was "Uh, maybe not." That's like a whole month worth of lunches for me. Still pretty awesome.


Johell said...

Wow! That's great! For years, I'm fascinated by this character in THE BEYOND. This figure that's coming out in Septembre is a wonderful news. I've preordered it! :) I'll post plenty of pictures of it on my blog by the time i've received it!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Bob The Wordless said...

That looks fantastic!Pricey,but,wow!


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