Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Science Team - Upcoming Film From The Creator of The Taint

Drew Bolduc, director of Morgue Favorite The Taint is set to direct his next film Science Team this June. To help better the production they've set up a fundraising page over at Indiegogo, which is like Kickstarter, only indie-er. You know the deal, make a donation, help a film get made, get cool prizes and shit in return. Donations start at $10, which gets you the soundtrack. I'm thinking about throwing in $75 to get the soundtrack, sticker, poster, DVD and T-shirt. Not sure if I can swing that though. I might start a fundraiser to raise funds for me to fund Drew Bolduc's fundraiser.

The goal is $15,000, 25 days left to raise a bit over $13,00. Together we can make Science Team a reality.

Join Science Team: 

We are Science Team. We need your help. We have lasers.

Laser Canon

Science Team is a national organization whose main purpose is to maintain interstellar peace and protect America from the many alien threats that seek to destroy us.

We need your help to recruit more members to fight alongside us. We must build a super scientific alliance and raise funds to combat a giant sessile alien menace with telepathic powers capable of doing this:

Concept Art - Shane Burklow

Science Team must eliminate this evil extraterrestrial threat at all costs. We must proceed with extreme caution. People will die horrible and disgusting deaths. Inner and extraterrestrial demons will be engaged. Cool-looking technology will be used. People's minds will be blown out of their heads. 
Remember to bring your mind protectors.

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