Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Media Blasters DVDs Done Dirt Cheap at Suncoast/FYE

Anyone with an FYE or Suncoast nearby, a bunch of old Media Blasters/Shriek Show/Guilty Pleasures DVDs have started showing up priced between $1.97 and $3.97. One thing to remember when going into a Suncoast or an FYE, be prepared to say "No, thanks" A LOT. When checking out the dude will offer you 4 different promotions, one month trial for their Suncoast card, a 6 issue free trial of Sports Illustrated that you'll forget to cancel and end up paying a hundred and seventeen dollars for the whole year...just keep saying no until you have the receipt in your hand and you will be fine.

These DVDs are scattered around the store, so you will have to look around a bit. I found a few in the horror section, a few in a bin right outside the front of the store, but most of them were on a wall with a sign that said something like "Low Priced Movies". At my store this wall was located partially behind the counter, which made me feel like I was going to accidentally rob the store while I was flipping through the discs.

Here's my haul, I swear I didn't use an eleven year old cell phone to take this picture:

 And here's a list of what people have found:
  • Art of the Devil 1+2 - $3.97
  • Central Park Drifter
  • The Confessional - Pete Walker
  • Delinquent Girl Boss/Girl Boss Revenge 2 pack $3.97
  • Die Screaming Marianne $2.97
  • The Chilling w/ Linda Blair
  • Girl's Nite Out - $1.97
  • Graveyard Shift $2.97 (this is part of the Vampires triple feature set)
  • Jungle Girls triple feature- (slimpack) $3.97
  • Killer's Delight
  • Love Bites w/ Asia Argento
  • Murder Rock 2-disc
  • One Missed Call 1+2 - $3.97
  • Scarlet Diva $2.97
  • Slime City Massacre (2 disc) $3.97
  • Vampires Triple Feature $3.97 - with Central Park Drifter, Two Orphan Vampires and Fiancee of Dracula
  • Where Were They Triple Feature  $2.97 - with Somewhere Tomorrow (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sexbomb (Linnea Quigley) and Texas Lightning (Maureen McCormick)
  • Women in Fury
  • Zebraman - 2-disc

If anyone finds any others, let me know, I'll add to the list.

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Foxhack said...

Sonovabitch! My local FYE closed down a year ago. Aaaaaaaaaargh!


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