Sunday, July 21, 2013

Curtains and Prom Night Coming Soon From Synapse

This piece of news broke around the time my house was on fire, so it's a couple days old now, but here we go anyway. Synapse is beginning work on 2K scans for one of my absolute favorite lesser known slashers (Curtains) and one of my least favorite of the well know slashers (Prom Night). I've been waiting for even a mediocre proper DVD release of Curtains for years, but a Synapse Blu-ray release? Get out of here. Buying this one the second I can.
Now, I've never been a fan of Prom Night - though I really love Prom Night 2. Prom Night 3 is also a lot of fun. If we get Blu-ray releases of 2 or 3 I'll shit. Prom Night 1 though, never really did much for me. I am however very happy that fans of the film will be getting to see a Blu-ray release from one of the best companies in the business though. I haven't seen a cover for this one yet, but I'll post when it shows up online.

While I'm here, Synapse has posted a couple of 35mm Interpositives from Curtains. You can already tell this is going to look great, I might as well throw out my Echo Bridge Bloody Slashers set with Curtains, Hoboken Hollow, Secrets of the Clown, and Room 33 - whatever the hell those other three movies are.

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