Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spandau Ballet Bassit Directed Film Stalker Hits DVD Oct. 15

Fangoria has just posted an exclusive look at the cover art and trailer for Martin Kemp's 2010 film Stalker, which will hit DVD this October 15th. Stalker is a remake of the 1975 British Video Nasty Expose (aka The House on Straw Hill, which hits Blu-ray next month from Severin).

When novelist Paula Martin retreats to the seclusion of her family home Crows Hall she hopes to clear her mind and focus on her new book. The arrival of an assistant, Linda, should take the pressure off... but as the bodies pile up, Paula finds herself trapped in a terrifying nightmare of murder and madness.

I can't embed it on this page, but those interested can check out the exclusive trailer by clicking here.

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

For me "Stalker" means Tarkovskys 1979 cult masterwork, not some unwatchable pile of British made horse-shit directed by a jumped-up little pantry boy who doesn`t know his place.


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