Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out Now From Code Red

Code Red has just added four new titles to their (his) Big Cartel page. Again, no horror this time, but expect to see Evilspeak and Curse of the Blue Lights in the next couple of weeks.

The four newly released titles are as follows:

Ed Marinaro (HILL STREET BLUES) plays tough cop Malcolm "Mace" Douglas, who gained the nickname by shoving mace down a criminal’s mouth! He is a street tough detective who's out for justice - no matter what the cost. While investigating the mysterious suicidal heroin overdoses of four sexy strippers, Mace puts together pieces of a deadly puzzle with his new partner (Darrell Larson, MIKE'S MURDER, OUTSIDE IN). Infiltrating a violent ring of shadowy drug and weapons dealers, Mace methodically tracks down a methodical serial killer. Mace won't stop until he gets some answers. The FBI and the KGB have them, but now they're talking back with bullets! Action packed classic with a good supporting cast including ISAAC HAYES (TRUCK TURNER), Corbin Bernsen (TV's L.A. LAW), Cassandra Gava (CONAN THE BARBARIAN), William Sanderson (BLADE RUNNER), John Hancock (TV's L.A. LAW), Harry Goz (MOMMIE DEAREST), Lynn Whitfield (JOSEPHINE BAKER STORY), Rick Washburn (COMRADES IN ARMS), and William Windom (FOOL'S PARADE). Directed by Willam VanDerKloot.

Audio commentary with director and producer

1979/100 MIN
Two explorers searching for gold in the Jungles of South America stumble onto hidden treasure of a different sort - a forgotten tribe of wildly attractive Amazon women, including sexy starlet Anita Ekberg as their queen. Donald Pleasence (Bond's arch-rival Blofeld in You Only Live Twice, Fantastic Voyage) and Bo Svenson (Choke Canyon, Butcher Baker Nightmare maker) have their hands full when the man-hungry babes invade Manhattan, and the excitement really starts. The steamy jungle is nothing compared to the throbbing city streets, and these women can't get enough! Directed by Mark L. Lester (Commando, Truck Stop Women) and produced by Alfredo Leone (Baron Blood, Lisa and the Devil), Gold Of The Amazon Women is a wild, bikini-clad adventure that makes Tarzan's exploits look like a trip to the zoo.

Brand New 1.78.1 (16x9) HiDef master
special interview with producer Alfredo Leone 
This sex farce stars Angus Duncan (SWEET SUGAR) as a lothario on a mission to sleep with
five very different women! The list of beauties includes Angel Tompkins (THE FARMER), Alexandra Hay
(SKIDOO), and Jo Anne Meredith (PSYCHO LOVER)! To accomplish his quest, he will need help from
his crazy group of friends (Vitto Scotti, Marty Ingels, Hope Holiday). It’s a sexy version of LOVE AMERICAN
STYLE with music by “internet favorite” Stu Phillips. Written & directed by Charles Martin (IF HE

RATED R 1.78.1 (16X9)

A dramatic and intriguing love story about a Sicilian gentleman who rediscovers his Mediterranean roots when a beautiful young teenager declares her love for him. Antonio Mancuso (Vittoria Gassman, SCENT OF A WOMAN, QUINTET) has changed his name to Anthony M. Wilson and put his Sicilian background behind him to start a new life in London, as a ‘typically British’ owner of a chain of restaurants. For Anthony, life is perfect. He has a luxurious home, expensive cars and an English girlfriend, Vanessa (Madeleine Hinde, THE LAST VALLEY, BLOODSUCKERS), who divides her attentions between Anthony and her fiancé. But things are about to change with the arrival of a remote Sicilian relative, a provocatively attractive teenager called Lucia (Ornella Muti, FLASH GORDON, OSCAR) who presents Anthony with a letter from her uncle requesting that he looks after her and safeguard her virginity. This is no easy task, and in desperation, Anthony employs a detective agency to watch Lucia, only to be shown footage of her in bed with a young man. Relieved to discover that Lucia had resisted the man’s advances, Anthony goes home to find her in his bedroom. Challenged about the film footage, she reveals that the young man was not for her…the man for her is Anthony! Madcap comedy ROMP with international cast of wacky actors like Dudley Sutton (THE DEVILS, THE LEATHER BOYS, TV's LOVEJOY), Graham Stark (A DAY AT THE BEACH) , Lou Castel (MR. MEAN) and the goofy Adolfo Celi (THUNDERBALL). 


jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Ornella Muti (as the bird was in 1973 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Anita Ekberg (as the bird was 1949 when the bird was 18, not as the dirty old slag is now obviously).


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