Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chopping Mall Getting 4K Theatrical Re-Release This Halloween

Here's some pretty out of left field news from director Jim Wynorski regarding his film Chopping Mall:

The ink is drying on the contracts and we'll soon be making a 4K transfer for theatrical re-release in October. A retro Halloween special.

Sure, Chopping Mall is a lot of fun, with deranged killbots and plenty of exploding heads, but I didn't think it had nearly a big enough following to warrant a 4K theatrical re-release. This sounds like it'll be a great time at the movies, but theaters near me never seem to get any of these kinds of releases so I'll probably miss out on it. However, Jim himself mentioned a Blu-ray release will be coming some time in 2014, which I'll certainly be picking up.

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