Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vercetti Technicolor - Bay Of Blood EP

Vercetti Technicolor has just released a new EP of 70's and 80's Horror flavored dark electronic music I figured some of you out there would really enjoy. The EP is called Bay of Blood (although it uses Anthropophagus artwork), and you can listen to it below. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up a digital or limited 12" vinyl copy directly from the Giallo Disco bandcamp page.

“Vercetti Technicolor’s Bay Of Blood EP rises from salt water graves upon lost voodoo cursed Islands. ‘Tropical Terror Suite I’ is a perfect introduction, vast landscapes of post-apocalyptic beauty, and yet somehow the dead birds still sing. Jungle Witch Hunt’s frantic percussion mirrors your own heartbeat as you journey further into the wilderness, machete slipping from a nervous sweat. Tema Di Kerstin is its own lost temple, its own monolith… Inferno sees you face to face with a long dead beast fighting for your life. The final scene finds ‘Inferno’ remixed through the terrifying lens of Not Not Fun’s Xander Harris accentuating the cosmic disco elements into a storming dancefloor heavyweight, after the void… there is only space… ” 


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support! To clarify, Anthropophagus was used because Vercetti is Greek and the film starts on a beach.

Bay Of Blood is referenced only as an image, rather than to Twitch Of The Death Nerve by Bava.


Giallo Disco


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