Monday, August 19, 2013

Ghoulish Gary Pullin Covers Darkman

Scream Factory has added the legendary Ghoulish Gary Pullin to their roster of cover artists, and his first piece is this cover for their forthcoming release of Sam Raimi's Darkman. You guys know the deal with Scream's commissioned covers, if you don't like the art (see every comment on the Facebook page about every single piece of art Scream posts) the original poster art will be on the flipside. I generally really dig Pullin's art, but I just think this one's okay. I mean, any piece of art with Dr. Giggles holding a machine gun can't possibly be bad, but I'm not blown away by the art - I think it's mostly the Frances McDormand bit that's throwing the cover off. Of course the art doesn't truly matter on a movie release as long as the A/V quality is solid. You can always print out a custom cover if it's that big of a deal.

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