Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eat A Bowl Of Fuck! Night of the Demons and Witchboard from Scream

Scream Factory just announced a couple of highly anticipated titles from director Kevin Tenney for early 2014 Blu-ray releases. 

"Director Kevin Tenney's ouija board hit WITCHBOARD and the "Eat a bowl of F*@K" classic NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (which, in particular, has quite a vocal following and has been requested many times here) will both be coming to Blu-ray in early 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

No details to report other than DEMONS will be a "Collector's Edition" and the artwork is already in the works."

I've only seen Witchboard once before so I'm not too familiar with that one, but I totally love Night of the Demons. I really enjoy most demonic possession films - especially if they involve a large group of people trapped in one location like Demons or The Convent, and Night of the Demons is probably my absolute favorite. I'm really excited to see what they do with these two titles, might I suggest a bonus CD  featuring each film's soundtrack?

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