Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Fistful of Gold - Poster For The Upcoming Leprechaun Reboot

A new poster is online today for the forthcoming Midgetsploitation film Leprechaun: Origins, starring the WWE's resident Little Person who kinda sorta wrestles a bit. At least I think he wrestles. I don't know, I've been subjected to several WWE events thanks to a friend in Virginia, I've never seen this fucker do anything other than grab people's ankles from outside the ring and act as the butt of several Dwarfist pranks.

This new one is supposed to be more brutal and gruesome than the previous series. If that's the case I welcome it and hope it's far less silly than the Warwick Davis stuff. Don't get me wrong, Warwick is an awesome guy, and he was clearly having a blast in the role, but those movies were pretty goddamn goofy.

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