Friday, April 04, 2014

Arrow Video's Incredible Melting Man

Arrow Video just announced their upcoming release of The Incredible Melting Man and say what you will about the movie, but this new Gary Pullin cover art is one of my absolute favorite pieces of movie art I've ever seen. I'm not kidding, this is perfect.:


As some of you crafty people have already figured out, we are indeed going to be releasing everyone's favourite astronaut-is-reduced-to-mush movie THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN later this year! Time to go all gooey over the new cover art from the ever fantastic Gary Pullin.

While I think The Incredible Melting Man is an underrated movie, I'm okay with only owning the Scream Factory release (which is great). But I love this new art so much I'm very tempted to buy this second release just to own that cover art.

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Anonymous said...

I have purchased a Magazine full with Lobby Cards and other stills one of them was "the Incredible Melting Man" The Lobby Cards featured scenes cut from the film
(these scenes where probably cut to receive an R-Rating) I have both the German Theatrical print version and the American print version (in Widescreen) on one DVD by a company called "CMV" the German print features the credits in german.


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