Monday, April 14, 2014

World's Greatest Ventriloquist Otto Peterson Has Died At the Age of 53

Just over a week ago the standup comedy world lost John Pinette, and now sadly another legendary comedian has joined him. Ventriloquist, and all around hilarious comedian Otto Peterson of Otto & George fame died today in his sleep at the age of 53. Full story at The Laugh Button.

Catching Otto & George in the 90's on a Showtime show called Full Frontal Comedy was one of the acts that really got me into comedy - in fact I currently have that performance saved on my phone and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it. Goddammit, all the celebrities I love are dropping like flies lately, what is happening?

To honor the worlds greatest "worst" ventriloquist here are several of his performances. Heads up though, this stuff is raunchy, don't watch it in front of children or pets.

Skip to about 22 minutes on this one. Also, nudity warning. Don't worry, not from Dom Irrera.

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