Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jungle Cannibals Attack in New Trailer For Eli Roth's The Green Inferno

New trailer is out for Eli Roth's cannibal epic The Green Inferno. This trailer is actually pretty family friendly with no gore or nudity, but I think it's safe to say thinks are going to get pretty gross in this one. We'll all find out when it comes out September 5th. September 5th? This trailer is out so far in advance of the movie's release it reminds me of those made for Disney Channel movies like Camp Rock or the one from last year, Beach Grease, or whatever. They always put their commercials out like 6 months in advance so by the time the movie comes out nobody cares. Not that I've watched any of those things, I live with kids, I've seen the commercials. A lot. I'm sorry, how am I talking about the Disney Channel right now? I don't know what happened there, here's the trailer.

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