Sunday, November 12, 2006

Claudio Simonetti - Opera

Here is the soundtrack to the Dario Argento film Opera, or Terror at the Opera as it was known on the US VHS release. One of my favorite Argento films, and also features one of my favorite death scenes, as morbid as that sounds to say. If you've seen the film you know which scene I'm talking about, it involves a peephole and a phone, and it is awesome. I ripped this myself from the CD that was included with the Limited Edition DVD put out by Anchor Bay Entertainment. I hope you enjoy my emo-tastic font I added to the image above. It's cool because you can't really read it. That's how the kids like their fonts these days.

Claudio Simonetti was responsible for the music in the film, but the soundtrack does feature two bad Grim Reaper-like metal songs by Steel Grave, one called Steel Grave, and the other called Knights of the Night. Knights of the Night, which apart from having the dumbest title I've ever heard, also features a blatant ripoff of the main riff of Iron Maiden's 2 Minutes To Midnight. I guess Steel Grave was an usigned Italian band who was around at the time the movie was being made because I can't find any information at all on them.

1. Opera (02:23)
Claudio Simonetti
2. Crows (02:44)
Claudio Simonetti
3. Impending Danger (01:47)
Claudio Simonetti
4. Confusion (03:28)
Claudio Simonetti
5. Steel Grave (03:13)
Steel Grave
6. Cosmo (03:48)
Claudio Simonetti
7. Knights of the Night (02:50)
Steel Grave
8. Crows (03:11)
Claudio Simonetti
9. Days of Confusion (03:53)
Claudio Simonetti
10. Impending Danger (01:48)
Claudio Simonetti
11. Opera (04:35)
12. Albinoni in Rock (04:43)
Claudio Simonetti
13. I'll Take the Night (05:12)
Claudio Simonetti
14. To Frederica (03:10)
Claudio Simonetti


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot :)

Mr.Suzie Bannion said...

Much Thanks MM as i come closer to having all Argento Movie Soundtracks!!
And i owe it a lot to you!
Mr. Suzie Bannion

attax said...

THank you :)I just had a LP Transfer from this one.

delfino said...

Muchas Gracias, good post!

meldrew said...

is there another cd of opera with brian eno and various opera singers?

pooter said...


I had the vinyl release of this but this version is different with new stuff. How many releases of this album are there?

Anonymous said...

Anyone has any information about steel grave? I've searching for this band a lot of time ago, and I can't find any information about them I would like to find his music.. I will be thankful if anyone knows

Brayden said...

megaupload plz


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