Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Morgue's Very First Compilation Album

I've seen these on several sites, so I thought I'd do my own. This is a compilation I've been working on. It’s a collection of some fantastically cheesy (and some not so cheesy) songs from movies I own. Most of these are from 80’s movies, but I had to throw a couple others in there to make the track list a bit bigger. I’ve titled this frightful compilation “My Heart is an Empty Tomb and your Name is Engraved Upon the Stone” which I blatantly swiped from the Giallo Title Generator. The title really has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it sounded cool in a really cheesy gothy kinda way. I made the cover using an old Vault of Horror comic cover. It's sized to fit in a cd jewel case, so if you want to print it out you can. These are from different sources, some downloaded over the years, some ripped from DVDs by me, so the quality varies from track to track. But I don’t think anything here sounds too horrible. The songs from Slumber Party Massacre and Sleepaway Camp were supplied by “Dusk” from a forum I visit. I intended to post the poor quality versions I had, but he had better quality versions, so thanks if you’re reading this.

Okay, I’ve laid this out with the movie title, then song title and performer. Some of these I wasn’t sure on, so if you catch any errors please leave a comment and let me know. The tracks are not numbered in the rar file, so this layout is just how I ended up putting them, so if you don’t like the track lineup you get the joy of making your own.

1. The Blob 1988 - Brave New World by Alien
2. The Monster Squad - Rock Until You Drop by Michael Sembello
3. Hamburger: The Motion Picture - No idea what this is called, or who does it. I’d imagine it would be “Hamburgers For America” so lets go with that.
4. Faceless - Faceless by Vincenzo Thoma
5. Zombie 4: After Death - Living After Death by Al Festa
6. Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan - The Darkest Side of the Night by Metropolis
7. Sleepaway Camp 2 - Desperate to Survive by Obsession
8. Night of the Demons - The Beast Inside by Dennis Tenney (Director Kevin Tenney’s brother!)
9. Bubba Ho-Tep - End Credits by Brian Tyler
10. Better Off Dead - With One Look
11. Azumi - Negai by Mina Ganaha
12. Slumber Party Massacre 2 - If Only by Wednesday Week
13. Back to School - Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
14. Revenge of the Nerds - Tri-Lamb Rap by The Nerds
15. C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud - Bud the Chud by Kipp Lennon (not 100% on this one)
16. Brazil - Brazil theme by Geoff Muldaur
17. House on the Edge of the Park - Sweetly by Riz Ortolani and Diana Corsini
18. Parents - Flying Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley


Notes on some of the tracks:
The Blob - Alien; Brave New Love - This plays over the end credits. The Blob was one of the trilogy of great and incredibly gory remakes of the 1980’s (John Carpenter’s The Thing and David Cronenberg’s The Fly being the films that complete that informal trilogy) I don’t care for remakes much but I could watch any of those three at any given time over and over and never tire of them. What did they do so right that remakes these days do so wrong? It’s a mystery.

The Monster Squad - This song plays over the montage of The Monster Squad preparing for the big battle against Dracula and his Universal monster pals. Ripped from a DVD-R, this one was transferred from an old Laserdisc. So sound quality isn’t the best.

Hamburger: The Motion Picture - This movie is undeniably completely and utterly terrible, but I've owned the movie since I was 8 so it's among my favorite bad comedies. Those of you familiar with Just One of the Guys who manage to find a copy of Hamburger will enjoy seeing Kevin from that film as Russell, Hamburger U’s recuperating horndog in search of a degree. Also notable for being John Lovitz's first film appearance. The song here may have been done by whoever did the theme to the sitcom Step by Step. It's cheesiness is right up there along those lines. The sound quality on this is a bit rough, it was ripped from a DVD I had a friend make from my dilapidated VHS from like 1989.

Bubba Ho-Tep - There’s a kinda medley of several different pieces of music from the film played over the end credits, that is what I’ve put up here.

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan - Plays over the end credits, has some announcer guy from the movie over the beginning of the song. If anyone has a longer version of this one please come forward with it.

Sheb Wooley - Flying Purple People Eater; Okay, this song is in about 40 movies, but I put it on here because it plays over the end credits of one of my favorite movies, Bob Balaban’s criminally underrated film Parents. The film is very creepy and very awesome, check it out if you get a chance.

Okay, that about does it. I have a bunch of random movie music, like the theme to the film The Washing Machine and several other Italian and not so Italian horror films. Any interest in another compilation like this with those? Most of them were ripped by me from DVDs a couple years back.


nomwl1 said...

Hi Phelpster!

I get the honor of being the first comment! This looks like one fantastic compilation! Can't wait to download it. Keep up the great work (trite, but true)! :))

Detective Mitchell said...

Here's the full version of The Darkest Side of the Night:

phelpster said...

nomwl1 - cool, hope you enjoy everything on there. I recommend Hamburger song, wonderfully awful.

detective mitchell - oh cool, thanks a lot for that. Downloading it now, I'll try and add it to the post later, if the site doesn't give me too much trouble.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been looking for a bunch of these songs! This is so cool. BTW, I love Hamburger - The Motion Picture. It's one of my fave 80's comedies...hehe!

Anonymous said...

This is a FANTASTIC blog, and I'm eager to hear the compilation album. Also, do you or anyone you know of have the soundtrack to the original "Assault on Precinct 13"? I have a redone version of it from a Carpenter tracks collection, but I'd love to get the original, and have never seen it available anywhere.

phelpster said...

Kristy - wow, good to know I'm not alone in my Hamburger adoration. I can't wait till I have kids so I can use the "Put those cookies back, mot.." well you know the rest. Of course I'd have to lost that last part, I might replace it with Jive Turkey or something non emotionally damaging. I've even made a custom DVD cover for my VHS transferred DVDR since I don't think it'll ever be released.

To the anonymous poster -
I don't have Precinct 13 but I just found it this site here:

It's down towards the middle of the page.

Anonymous said...

Destination Nowhere - fantastically cheesy music for such a misfire of a film, been hoping to get that as an MP3 for ages - nothing better than sitting on public transport, listening to horror movie themes!

Good work as usual here.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm new to these downloading blogs, so forgive my eagerness, but I've been looking for ANYTHING from the Slumber Party Massacre 2 soundtrack since I was about 15.

Do you have anything else? Thanks again! That really just made my day!

Anonymous said...

I loved the remake of The Blob - perhaps the best thing about the Saw films was that it gave Shawnee Smith a chance to shine again! I agree about the goriness of it though - I saw it on television when I was 13 and never expected it to be so nasty. I had nightmares about the hospital scene, the scene in the car and the bit where the waitress was trapped in the phone booth especially!

Anonymous said...

Oh snap, son! I never knew. I'm downloading this right now to play at work. Boosh.

Anonymous said...

Lambda Lambda Lambda Rap! I've always wanted a copy of this song.

Anonymous said...
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