Thursday, November 23, 2006

Richard Band - Troll

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving. I hadn't planned to update today, but really, what else am I doing? So for this special occasion I am posting Richard Band's music from a rather unspecial film, Troll, the real Harry Potter movie. Starring Atreyu from The Neverending Story, Elaine from Seinfeld and uh, Michael Moriarty. Sorry, I can't remember any character names for Moriarty. The film was directed by the man who later brought us Friday the 13th Part VII.

While Troll is fairly craptacular it has absolutely nothing on Troll 2. There's a reason Troll 2 (which contains no trolls, but a bunch of shitty looking goblins, rather) is currently holding the #10 spot on the IMDB Bottom 100. That reason being that it's terrible on a whole new level. A level so bad that a new word needs to be invented to even describe it, because there are no current words strong enough to say how much it sucks. But it is an absolute hoot, so try it out if you have a chance. Just be warned, it's kinda crappy.

Either way, Ricahrd Band's score is pretty entertaining, so have at it:


Vinnie Rattolle said...

Hey now! The first TROLL IS a special film! Where else can you see Sonny Bono crack open as he gets turned into a blob of... erm... shrubbery? And watch Julia Louis Dreyfus cavort around in fig leafs? And hear June Lockhart swear like a drunken sailor?

I adore Torok and his friends. The residents of Nilbog in TROLL 2, however, are a different matter altogether!

Kamyar said...

You always have some of the best Posts, among them are my favourite scores (and contemporary Pop-Records - That Vanity-Album...WOW)
I'd like to know if we could exchange links?
My site is:

it's still very young, but may grow over time ;-)


Anonymous said...

Don't remember much details about the film but this goofy rollercoaster of 80ties electo with vocals is still a great way to get up on sunday morning!
Great to find that this is an extended version of the original release ,full of tongue in cheek goodies.

Anonymous said...

file error greets me Mr Man Morgue ;-)

Anonymous said...


Great posts.

Could you re-upload this please, the link doesn't work.

Many Thanks

phelpster said...

New Link up.


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