Friday, November 10, 2006

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode 913: Quest of the Delta Knights

The latest addition to the MST3K collection. Here is the winner of the poll I put up, Episode 913 - Quest of the Delta Knights. Interesting episode in that Pearl switches places with Mike for a while. So Pearl joins Tom and Crow in the theater while Mike is stuck with Bobo and Brain Guy. To someone who wasn't familiar with the show that might be one of the dumbest sentences they've ever read. The director of the "film" actually just recently did the sequel to Behind Enemy Lines, which I think makes him one of the few directors of a film featured on MST3K who is still working today. Granted Delta Knights was only made about 13 years ago, where most of the films on the show were made quite some time before.

Moving on. Same as usual here, split into 3 parts, each on Megaupload. You need all three parts to be able to watch the episode. If anyone is interested I have a cover for it, leave a comment and I will put it up.

Delta Part 1
Delta Part 2
Delta Part 3


Anonymous said...

Phelpster - thanks for the awesome posts - some unusual and fun stuff!! If you get a chance on the cover - cool!!!

Thanks again - w_m

phelpster said...

No problem, I didn't do my own cover for this episode, but it is available on this very awesome, but sadly never updated site:

Just go to the Browse Covers section and it's on there. Rather large file for a JPEG actually, about 4MB. If you are looking for any that aren't on there let me know, I might be able to whip one up.

Anonymous said...

phelpser, you're da man. Awesome work, dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phelpster!

Im from UK..MST3K is near impossible to get anywhere...TV, Cable, DVD..!

Used to be on Sci-fi here years ago but stopped..

Loved it it even more now..

So many thanks to make these available to us limeys!

Cheers fellas!

And go New England Pats!

(closet uk American Football fan..)

Anonymous said...

I remember laughing myself to tears at the medley they made up for the ending credits music. I'm so excited to finally see this again. Thanks a lot.


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