Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't Wake Me Up If I'm Dreamin'

Here's a funny little item I found the other day, the soundtrack from California Dreams. If you're not familiar with California Dreams it was a show put out by the same people behind Saved by the Bell. It was pretty much the same damn thing as Saved by the Bell, but the kids were part of a band called, cleverly enough, California Dreams. A band whose songs don't really match, listening to this soundtrack it really sounds like 3 or 4 different bands due to the multiple singers throughout the 12 tracks.

I used to watch it back when it came on, but I don't remember much about it. I do remember that it had one of the most unintentionally hilarious episodes in television history, right up there with when Eddie got his ass handed to him by The Dragons on Family Matters. The episode I'm referring to is called Tiffani's Gold, where Tiffani (played by Kelly Packard, who was later on Baywatch) gets addicted to steroids in order to to become a kickass volleyball player. Who doesn't remember the outbreak of steroid use among teenage girl volleyball players in the mid 90's? It was an epidemic. For a glimpse of the hilarity, have a look here. Now don't get me wrong, steroid use is nothing to make fun of, however a teen comedy show with acting as corny as was usually on display here has no business trying to tackle serious drug abuse issues. California Dreams, you're out of your element.

1. This Time
2. Castle on Quicksand
3. Everybody's Got Someone
4. It's Gonna Be Rain
5. Let Me Be the One
6. If You Only Knew
7. One World
8. If You Lean on Me
9. If It Wasn't for You
10. Love Is Not Like This
11. Heart Don't Lie
12. California Dreams Theme

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