Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nora Orlandi - Lo Strano Vizio Della Signora Wardh

This is from Sergio Martino's giallo Lo Strano Vizio Della Signora Wardh (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh) starring George Hilton and the gorgeous and frequently naked Edwige Fenech.

There are like 7 tracks called "The Strange Vice", when you open the folder those tracks are listed as "Strange Vice, Strange Vice 2, Strange Vice 3..." and so on. So if you're burning a CD and want it in the proper order just put them in where they should go. "Strange Vice" goes in at #6, "Strange Vice 2" goes in at #8, so just put them in order after that whenever a "Strange Vice" appears on the tracklist. Sorry, I hope it's not too confusing for anyone, that's just how the tracks were when I got it.

1. The Strange Vice Main Version (01:51)
2. The Strange Vice Main Title (00:13)
3. Edwige Hammond Pleasure (tema a) (02:01)
4. The Pleasure Of Pleasure (M31) (00:49)
5. Dies Irae (M8) (00:29)
6. The Strange Vice (M14) (00:56)
7. Obscure Remembering (M18) (00:57)
8. The Strange Vice (M32) (01:16)
9. Dinner Time (02:04)
10. The Strange Vice (M15) (01:04)
11. Blood Heaven (M42) (00:48)
12. The Strange Vice (M43 Sec) (01:59)
13. Dreaming Of A New Life (M1) (01:08)
14. Edwige in dodici ottavi (M41) (02:05)
15. Samba With Edwige (M11) (01:57)
16. The Strange Vice (M22) (01:22)
17. Shakin' With Edwige (M6) (03:07)
18. Slow With Edwige (M12) (02:07)
19. Obscure Remembering 2nd Part (M21) (01:06)
20. The Strange Vice (M43) (01:51)
21. The Blade Pleasure (M41) (02:07)
22. The Strange Vice Love Theme (M22) (01:29)
23. The Nights Of All The Night (M43) (03:38)
24. Sophisticated Edwige (tema a) (02:13)
25. Dies Irae 2 (M9) (02:09)
26. The Strange Vice (M38) (00:56)
27. Body Fox (M35) (00:17)
28. Descending (M2) (00:51)
29. The Strange Vice Climax (M45) (01:51)

Heaven help whoever is ... NEXT!


Shane said...

Yo Phelpster!! What it be?! Kickin' ass with the great posts lately! I LOVED the Real Genius compilation and you've got the California Dreams theme stuck in my head now too! I'm so baffled at how you find some of these extremely rare songs. I try to find ONE song from an early 80's soundtrack and i find nothing. Like "Circular Impression" by The Extras from Loose Screws or "Kill The White Man" by George Michenaud from The Party Animal (covered awesomely by NOFX on the Crank soundtrack) or "I Don't Fuck Fossils For Free" by Sorrells Pickard for the Hardbodies soundtrack. So are you some kind of wizard or something?? Do you have a time machine??

Anyway these are a couple of requests. I know all of these songs to be really really good and i bet you'd like them too. I've done extensive internet searches and the only time these titles pop up is when other schmoes like me are begging for them. Thank you SO much whether you find anything or not.

Also if you'd look for the soundtrack to Satan's Sadists, that would be great too! Really cool score by Harley Hatcher that's real spaghetti western and surf-like. Thanks a million, bra! said...

thanx a lot for this OST!!! can you please upload "a doppia faccia" by Nora Orlandi??


AMP said...

Great site! Hay I live in Virginia too (Reston). Really good stuff ya got here. Thanks for sharing!

John said...

Great soundtrack to a great giallo. Thankfully, it appears to have gone our of print or at least out of stock, so I could allow myself to download it...

Sean said...

hey, i tried to download the .rar but its not working. anyway you could email me and we could transfer it some other way? is there a way you could post it as an mp3 or some file like that? thanks so much, i really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
The Space Bastard stuff is great too--really funny.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Great site! Is possible to get a new URL to download it?? Please... Thnx in advance....


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