Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Monster Squad finally hits DVD

Today marks the release date of a DVD that fans have been waiting a decade for, The Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition Monster Squad DVD. It's been on the top of a lot of people's most wanted DVDs list since the format was first introduced, and for whatever reason it's taken this long to come out. I always just figured it to be a rights issue, since it featured five of the classic Universal Horror creatures, I thought that might've somehow made matters more complicated and would explain why a popular title like this would take so long to come out. I've actually had pretty high quality bootleg DVDs of both The Monster Squad and Fred Dekker's other horror film Night of the Creeps for a while now, but it's good to see an official release of at least one of them after all this time. Despite not having the original artwork, the whole package still looks very nice and I've already gotten used to the new cover. Plus it's a great set with 2 commentaries and a documentary longer than the movie itself. The movie is about 76 minutes, this documentary is about 90. There's also a funny interview with Frankenstein. I don't mean an interview with Tom Noonan in the Frankenstein costume, I mean an interview with Frankenstein, the actor. He talks about being in the business for 50 years, what he's really like and his personal feelings about the Wolfman. Despite what you've seen in movies, Frank is actually very eloquent and really has a lot to say.

I never noticed the amount of Burger King product placement there was in the Monster Squad. First Sean and his Dad eat Burger King on the roof while watching Groundhog Day part 12. Later Fat Kid jokingly says "Why don't we just go over and do it in Burger King?" Then you've got people and monsters running back and forth in front of the BK several times during the finale. I'm not one to bitch about product placement, I'd rather have someone say Google instead of making something up (although jokes with Google or eBay in the punchline drive me nuts). Just saying with all this product placement where the hell were the Monster Squad toys? I would've loved to have had a chance to get my hands on a Scary German Guy figure or a Hot Wheel modeled after Dracula's phantom hearse.

Now that this one is out, and seems to be selling very well (it's currently #12 on Amazon's top selling DVDs list, right alongside stuff like 300, House and Zodiac) let's hope they haul ass and get the official Night of the Creeps DVD out. The Monster Squad is a blast, but NOTC is better in my opinion.

Also, in case you missed it, Bruce Broughton's score is available here. They've announced an official limited soundtrack that will be released soon, so grab this one now before I have to take it down.


The Fiji Mermaid said...

Phelpster, thanks for the quick review. I'm going to have to get this one. I completely forgot it was coming out and then today I saw it at the store. I'll try to pick this one up very soon. I haven't seen it since they aired it back on HBO years ago.

thiswiredlife said...

"so grab this one now before I have to take it down."

Gone already... wow :(

phelpster said...

thiswiredlife - It's still up on Rapidshare, the Filesend link is dead though. I updated the post so it should work fine now, but let me know if it doesn't:)

Anonymous said...

does this have the song "rock untill you drop" on it? lol i watched the movie the other day and cant get that dam song out of my head! If not do you by any chance have that song????? That would be great!

phelpster said...

Yep, that song is still in there. You can actually find that song in this compilation I made a while back.


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