Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MGM's Midnite Movies Strike Back!

For a while one of the most sought after bits of DVD release news for Horror Nerds ® like myself was the announcement of the lineup for MGM's Midnite Movies line. Due to some complicated reasons I don't fully understand there were a grand total of no Midnite Movies releases last year. Luckily they're back this year and if you head over toDVD Drive-In you can sneak a peak at the covers. This is kinda old news that I'm sure most of you have heard, but this is the first time that the covers have been revealed as far as I know. I know I'll be picking most, if not all, of these up on September 11th. I really love the title The Earth Dies Screaming, I think I might steal that for my upcoming sequel to the Werewolf in Unnecessarily Short Gym Shorts compilation.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Aw! I just bought a bootleg of the Japanese DVD off of eBay. (Thankfully, a fine quality boot--I didn't realize it WAS a bootleg until it arrived and the seller immediately put another up for sale--and the OOP Japanese DVD comes with a slew of extras.) I could never figure out why Food Of The Gods didn't get a DVD release when its pseudosequel and its not-nearly-as-much-fun companion piece Empire Of The Ants did.

Marjoe Gortner--man, he was some fun ham. And the photography is quite richly colorful, too. I wonder...if the special effects weren't so absolutely grotty (aside from the better life-size props), would this film be more--or less--of a gem?

Bruce said...

Alright grew up on a few of these flicks. Plus Alan Alda in Mephisto Waltz is priceless

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Oh, cool. I didn't know about those new Midnite flicks coming out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Apropos of absolutely nothing, have you ever seen or stumbled over the soundtrack to the 1977 film 'The Deep'? I remember that as being a very cool John Barry OST, but I can't find it anywhere and am not sure it exists. Please add this to the requests pile :)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Re: "The Deep;" I've seen it here and there, but only in MP4 format (QuickTime)--!

If all else fails, you can find it on eBay, or maybe at, where the guy does a WONDERFUL job of transferring to MP3 or CD.


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