Monday, July 28, 2008

CREEPY - But Wait - There's More!

Well, after posting what I thought was my last Creepy post, an awesome individual who goes by the name xinxilla dropped by the comments section and left a ton of links for most, if not all of the missing issues. Just when I think I'm done, they pull me back in! Huge thanks go out to xinxilla for supplying me with the missing issues.

The link below is just for a text file, once you open the text file you will find the links for the issues. Included in the text file are links for issues: 65, 76, 89, 91, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 138, 140, 141, 143, 144 and 146. Plus the Yearbook/Annuals from 1968-1972 and the limited Harris series from 1992 featuring covers by Dan Brereton. I think that about covers everything in the text file:

I think some wires got crossed over at Warren because the cover for the 1972 Spooktacular looks a lot like it was supposed to go on an issue of Famous Monsters. (Now that would be a cool publication to find in CBR format.)


Filmscore said...

Perhaps you already have this one, but it's the only one I couldn't find on your blog:

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful mags. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kemosabe,
Thanks for bonding with xilla.
There is a message that comes up on 97 and 143. "Archive Broken"
143 is missing page 8. Its a needed page.
97 is missing UN-needed last page.
Then 96 is missing first 3 pages. Includes title page.
Any of you bounty hunters have them?
Thanks as always, Vince

Neal Snow said...

Hey Phelpster! I can't find an email address for ya. Got a couple of projects I'm working on and would appreciate your criticism/input/whatever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much for posting this!. But I have the same problem with issue 143... Can you repair the file, please...?

Laww2k said...

Here is some Vampirella goodies which I believe you've been missing!

Vampirella 13,14,79 and special

- laww

Anonymous said...

Those Vampirella Issues were Great!!!
Thanks Vince

Azathoth said...

On my blog, I posted working copies of issues 96 (w/ title page), 97, and 143 (including page 8). Plus I threw in a cover gallery for the hell of it.

You can find them here:

I hope this helps some people out.

Thanks for all the great Creepy!!

- Azathoth.

Anonymous said...

Than you VEEERY much por re-posting these, azazoth!!

Anonymous said...

Azathoth thanks for the files.
What a super group of people come here.
Thanks Vince

xinxilla said...

issue 96 corrected


xinxilla said...

issue 143 corrected


Shudke said...

Perfect! Thanx!

xinxilla said...

List of links Creepy missing with

issues 143 & 96 corrected



xinxilla said...

phelpster, please

change in "download"

for the corrected list, thanks

exas said...

A whole bunch of Famous Monsters rapidshare links.

phelpster said...

filmscore, laww2k, azathoth, xinxilla - You guys are awesome:) Thanks a lot for helping out with the missing issues and the corrected ones as well. I really appreciate it!

Neal - Hey! I don't want to leave my address in case some of the spammers find it and go nuts, but I will say that putting cphelps11 in front of @ and will do the trick. Surely that will stop them;)

Exas - Oh man, today is going to be a fun day:) Thanks a lot for pointing those out to me, time to throw them in my Rapidshare Manager and wait for them to download!

Robert said...

This is truly an embarassment of (creepy) riches. Thanks to all posters of this material for their hard work and generosity!

Anonymous said...

hey, just found this amazing blog and love your Warren posts!! Brings back so many great memories!! I was wondering if you could help me out? When I was a kid I had a Creepy or Eerie issue that had a story about a guy or girl goes underneath the city's subway system and meets a clan of underground dwellers...the leader might have been dressed as a king or something...? does this ring a you know what issue that story was in? thanks a lot!!1

KennyG1971 said...

Hey my Creepy posts are done if you need any.I believe all issues are completed scans to.If not ,let me know.Still in the middle of reading the new Ghost Rider series.


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