Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phelpster's Custom DVD Covers : Volume 2

Here are some more of my custom DVD covers for those of you who are interested. I had some people who wanted to see more of my covers in the last post so I thought I'd throw some more up here. Click on the thumbnails, they'll take you to the Deviant Art page they are hosted on. Be sure to click on the image on the actual Deviant Art site too so you can see the larger versions of the covers.

First up is The Incredible Melting Man. This one not having a R1 release is a bit of a mystery. MGM owns the rights, and has even supplied a very nice Widescreen transfer for a German DVD release, but for some reason they won't release it in the United States. Weird. Anyway, if they did release it here, I think it'd look a little something like this:

Moving on to the best vampiric musical comedy of 1990, Rockula (soundtrack available here). Starring the always entertaining Dean Cameron, as well as Toni Basil, Thomas Dolby and the late Bo Diddley (no, really).

This is one for Eugenio Martin's A Candle For The Devil (UNA VELA PARA EL DIABLO / IT HAPPENED AT NIGHTMARE INN). I couldn't find a good tagline so I used the film's alternate title It Happened at Nightmare Inn on the back.

Here's Rabid Grannies. Sure Troma put this one out on DVD years ago, but I'm still hopeful that a real company will release it someday. Perhaps uncut, with a decent transfer...

And finally, this is Nightmare Beach (with John Saxon!). This has an official R1 release put out by Lion's Gate under the incredibly vague title of Welcome To Spring Break. But come on, that cover sucks! I don't know how you could take one glance at the original poster I used for my cover and consider using anything else.


Anonymous said...

Rabid Grannies IS out there in an uncut version. You can buy it in the Netherlands or Belgium (well, it has become kinda rare here also). I was told that by the producer himself. Any other release is cut (even Troma's).
Can't say much about the transfer as I haven't seen that version.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Great work on the covers Phelpster. They look better than most of the stuff that is out there when it's released on DVD. Why do so many companies mess with some of the original artwork/posters. That old style is very cool.

Donovans Brain said...

Really awesome work! I wish half the releases out there had covers cool as those.

GIMETZCO! said...

i need to get my wife ROCKULA and i haven't been able to find it anywhere...

your dvd art says it's widescreen? is this so? is this just fun packaging or is it really for a dvd (personal or not) of Rockula?

i needs it!

tell me how please.

phelpster said...

My copy of the movie is fullscreen, I was just forgot to fix that on the cover. I downloaded it from a torrent site, but I was thinking about uploading it here. In .avi format of course, but you will be able to convert it to a decent enough looking DVD.

GIMETZCO! said...

avi is fine and fullscreen i guess that's fine since it's the only way to get it. but yeh my wife and i really like dean cameron and she's gotta see this! if you can upload it that would be radicallllllllll.


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