Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heavy Metal - The Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine

So, Heavy Metal anyone? Since I've finished up the Warren posts for the time being, I thought I'd try these and see what happens. Sorry to say, I don't have the complete run of these right now, I randomly found some of these in a Rapidshare folder during an unrelated Googling a while back. I don't even know what site the folder came from, but thanks to the individual(s) responsible for scanning and uploading them originally. But hopefully some of you out there who enjoyed the Creepy and Eerie so much will also enjoy Heavy Metal, even if I am missing a lot of the issues.

This set includes 10 of the 12 issues from 1982. Every one except for February and October. Unlike the usual comics I post these are not CBR or CBZ files. Each issue is in it's own folder which has each page as an individual jpeg. But you can still use CDisplay, or whichever comic reader you prefer to view the comics, so outside of the fact that it will take a bit longer to extract it won't really make a difference.

One cool thing about these issues is getting to see all the movie ads. 1982 had a lot of hits. Well, sure The Thing flopped upon it's initial release, but it's gone on to reach the classic status it deserves.


diegogue said...

oh, yeah, the good and old Heavy Metal...

Azathoth said...

I used to collect HM for years and years till I couldn't afford it and my other comic interests at the same time anymore and the stories stopped seeming as awesome as they once did anyway. These issues from the 80s bring back memories of the glory days :) With the movies as well, those ads you highlighted are from back when movies were actually fun (god I feel so old when I say stuff like that but its true). The Thing is one of my all time favorites - definitely in my top ten.

Philip said...

Man, I love Heavy Metal. I didn't start collecting them until the early 90s, but many of those have been lost throughout the years. But I didn't catch a lot of them from the 80s so thanks for posting.

Mucknmire said...

That is the first time I've seen that THE THING poster. Awesome!

Kim said...

Wow! Love these posters!
If you have more keep them coming please!
And yeah 1982 was an amazing year for movies!

By the way, I got the complete series of HEAVY METAL on BitTorrent not long ago! I used to collect them in the 80s and 90s... great stuff!

Kim said...

Would you happen to have any more of these amazing poster as jpeg??

phelpster said...

Kim - Yeah, I have a lot of JPEGs of movie posters I try and use for my custom covers, I'll post some more later on:)

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for the Heavy Metal post! Thank you so much. Did you see the Southpark with the Heavy Metal spoof? It was awesome.
Thank you for all the time you put into this blog, it's a favorite place of mine to visit and to be a part of.

Donovans Brain said...

I would love to see all the issues that featured RanXerox.

alex said...

The Heavy Metal (1977 - 2008)collection that Kim mentioned is still available on BitTorrent.

Thanks Kim!

alex said...

But -- just to let everyone know ahead of time? Although it's a very impressive collection, and I'm grateful to all the people who worked so hard to produce it -- it's not complete.
I just began going through the sets and discovered these missing;

1984 Jan - Feb - March - May to December
1985 April - May - July - August
1986 Fall and Winter Issues missing

Summer 1987 Issue is Incomplete
Winter 1988

1991 Jan - July - Nov
1992 Jan - March - May - Nov
1993 Jan
1994 Jan
1997 Sept - Nov
1998 Jan - March

It appears that most of the newer issues are complete. There are some fabulous extra's in this compilation.

Related Publications - Heavy Metal Books and such. There is also a nice (complete)collection of Epic Illustrated included.

I hope this helps someone!

Alex :)

El Vox said...

Thanks for posting the Heavy Metals, the earlier ones were so much better, imo, somewhere in the 90's they lost it. For me, when they lost the fandom part of it, which included interviews with artist, directors and such, and reviews on current movies as well as the comic stories, they lost my interest. Plus some of the newer art/stories lost my interst as well.

At any rate, I appreciate you posting the other comics as well, and you have a wonderful blog that reminds me of something like those older mags, like Starlog, HM, Famous Monsters of Filmland and so forth. So, thank you!

Keith said...

Man, I remember in the 1980s being a kid trying to work his nerve up to buy Heavy Metal. Some store clerks knew what it was and would hassle you; others were clueless and wouldn't question the purchase, but you never knew which one you would get. Had to mix an issue in with your purchases of Starlog, Omni, and Dragon magazine.


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