Thursday, July 03, 2008

CREEPY - Now With 25% More Star Wars Propaganda!

I've got a new batch of CREEPY for your downloading pleasure today. This includes issue #119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, and 125. Be sure to check out Knight Errant in issue 125, some spectacular artwork on display there by Mike Saenz. For example:

I was pretty sure I had posted one or two of these issues before but I can not find any evidence to suggest that I had, so apologies if I've repeated myself on any of these here.

I think that I need to try and find one of these New Warrior's Battle Jackets shown in the ad below. Looks like just the thing one would need to stay extremely upbeat and positive amidst even the most terrifying intergalactic warfare. My search has been futile thus far, the only thing I found when searching "New Battle Jackets" (after New Warrior's Battle Jackets came up empty) was this monstrosity here. I'll keep looking around though, hopefully one will turn up.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, Happy Fourth of July. May all your limbs remain intact:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Bla said...

Very cool blog, mate! :)

Wendel said...

Hey, I bought one of those Battlestar Command Jackets from an ad just like that. My was in Starlog, but the ad was the same. Thanks for all your posts and bringing back memories of my youth in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

I have been hateing going on line, it hurts my eyes very much. I have not worked on my writing in 3 months. Yet when I came to your site the other day and saw more Creepies..It made my pain worth while. Thanks Pal, Vince.
Please re-up no. 76. Thanks.

yahwehfrk said...

Way cool with the Creepy mags. I was always a Vampi fan though as a kid (but then my local drugstore only carried Vampi). I agree with Wendel, I remember that ad also but it was in Starlog where I saw it. Can't imagine Creepy or any of the other mags like that running 4 color ads.

Bob Haldeman


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