Monday, April 27, 2009

Asylum Party - Borderline

A bit of a change of pace here today, this is French Coldwave, New Wave, Post Punk or "Nouvelle Vague" - in two reviews I saw them called all of these things - band Asylum Party and their 1989 album Borderline. I just discovered this album on another blog a few weeks ago and I think it's a pretty amazing album that should definitely be more well known. I've just listened to track 10 about 5 times in a row while uploading/posting. Give it a shot, you might just love it as much as I do.

1 Play Alone 6:22
2 The Sabbath 3:22
3 La Tourmente 6:33
4 First Days of Winter 3:24
5 La Nuit 4:55
6 Better Days Ahead 4:44
7 Winter 5:04
8 Pictures 6:58
9 Old Dreams Are Not Innocent 4:49
10 Julia 4:06
11 Sweetness... of Pain 6:30
12 Before the Smile 4:24
13 White Light 4:58
14 Together in the Fall 5:44


Choice tracks: First Days of Winter, Julia, Sweetness...of Pain

And while I'm here, remember to watch Chuck on NBC tonight, it could be the last time we get to do so. Don't make Sarah angry. You wouldn't like Sarah when she's angry.


Alex said...

Thanks! Grabbing this album right now :)

Anonymous said...

loving sarah, great show!

save chuck!


Anonymous said...

. Here's a better quailty of Asylum's Borderline. Credit to the uploader.

Great Album

Test Chimp 48 said...

This album was so awesome! Thanks a million and howdy from a fellow NC blogger. Drop by puny excuse for a blog sometime!

tyrrell said...

Sounds great! Thank you!

Jamie said...

Great album!


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