Monday, April 13, 2009

D.C. Cab

I hope everyone out there had a nice Easter. At least those of you who, unlike me, don't have crappy jobs where you had to work on Easter. Today I give you the music from the 1983 film D.C. Cab. Directed by Joel "Ice to see you!" Schumacher, D.C. Cab stars Adam "John Casey" Baldwin and Lawrence "They Call Me Mr. T" Tureaud. It also stars Bill Maher, a man I've always wanted to perform a noogie on while simultaneously giving him a wedgie. He's actually not bad in this, but he's got this nearly Dennis Miller level of pomposity normally... not a good quality.

I had never seen this movie until about a month ago. One of my recent Big Lots scores, I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loud, stupid, and most importantly tremendously entertaining. As a big fan of the NBC show Chuck (which is on the brink of cancellation - for the love of me, everybody watch it so it gets a third season!) I got a kick out of seeing the usually badass Adam Baldwin play such a goofy, bumpkin of a character.

1. The Dream (04:51)
performed by Irene Cara
2. Knock Me On My Feet (04:40)
performed by Champaign
3. Single Heart (03:32)
performed by DeBarge
4. Party Me Tonight (03:52)
performed by Stephanie Mills
5. Knock Me On My Feet (instrumental) (03:02)
Giorgio Moroder
6. World Champion (03:47)
performed by Leon Syvers
7. Deadline USA (03:32)
performed by Shalamar
8. Squeeze Play (03:18)
performed by Karen Kamon
9. One More Time Around The Black Ophelia (03:16)
performed by Gary US Bonds
10. DC Cab (03:17)
performed by Peabo Bryson

Phelpster Fun Fact: D.C. Cab is known as Mr. T and Company in the Philippines


Lacey said...

Mr. T really thought that THIS was the film that would propel him to stardom. He only took the A-Team gig because he thought he'd shoot thirteen shows and the series would never be picked up.

Nope, THIS was the film they would always remember him for.

Thanks for the post.

NYPRBLUE said...

Let's not forget Charlie Barnett (RIP), aka 'Noogie' from 'Miami Vice'.
Adam Baldwin: love that scene where he struggles like the devil to be the hero and get out of hogtied ropes and when he finally does, we cut to the two little kids applauding him, their own ropes lying on the ground around them. GREAT comic timing by editor.

Anonymous said...

Move over Mr T!! Gary Busey was hilarious in this. Gotta love the getting stiffed by a stripper scene.

The Great Tyrant said...

Never even heard of this - I guess it was never released over here (UK)- unless anyone out there knows differently? It looks hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I had the cassette of the soundtrack back when the movie came out. Loved the soundtrack. Loved the movie. The cassette bit the dust over a decade ago and now I have the music again. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm technologically challenged here. How the heck do I d/l a copy of this sndtrck? Have had the cassette for YEARS and absof*ckinglutely love it but can't find it in the stores anywhere... so would REALLY love to get a copy from you before I wear out the cassette. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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