Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Petition to Save Chuck

I've got some more music to post later on today, but first a little rant if I might. Chuck, my current favorite show on television, is at risk of being canceled. Between not so great ratings, and NBC giving no-talent ass clown Jay Leno a 10 o'clock show, Chuck is pretty close to getting dropped after next week's season finale.

I guess it seems like kind of a silly thing to post about, the show doesn't have many viewers so I can see why NBC might be afraid to keep it. However, I really think it's an excellent show that just hasn't been around long enough to quite find an audience. As someone who has been a fan of many high quality shows that get canned because Americans would rather watch some famous twats play dress up and practice dance routines, or watch some kind of glorified karaoke competition than a quality scripted show like Chuck or 30 Rock, I really don't want to see this happen yet again.

I know petitions don't usually do anything, but I found this one today:

It's already got around 20,000 signatures, so if you are one of the few watching Chuck, get over there and sign. Or if you don't watch Chuck, and just like my little site here, do me a favor and give it a sign. I'll be leaving the Save Chuck petition box up on my sidebar for the couple of weeks until NBC announces the show's fate.

Don't let what happened to Arrested Development, Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, or Wonderfalls happen to Chuck.

In order to get some extra traffic to stumble upon this post with any Google searches, the lovely Yvonne Strahovski in her underwear:

Anyway, check back a little later for some music from a rather sleazy Italian horror film.


Wendel said...

While I agree with you about Chuck being a good show, it HAS been around long enough to attract at least a core following, if it could. The problem, as is so often the case, is location. This is not a Monday night show but NBC no longer has the suite talent to recognize it.

I mean really, THIS show is in trouble but "30 Rock" is green lighted till the end of time? Tina Fey MUST have pictures of Shelley McCrory voting Republican.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

the yvonne pics should do the trick.
I like the show too. Quirky light fun. I'll sign.

raven176 (not signed in)

Nick Frame said...

Totally with you on this, I love Chuck, hope it does not get cancelled! BTW you interested in joining my Roundtable http://tiny.cc/xC4ze, tried to find an email address for you without any luck! Cheers!

LuckyTiger said...


Anonymous said...

chuck is fantastic, i bought the dvd of the first and love it...

save chuck!



Anonymous said...

i really love this show for about a bagillion reasons. hope its renewed.

Make sure everyone goes out and hets their footlongs from subway and fill out a comment card!


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