Thursday, April 16, 2009

Toshiro Takashi - Daichee Bell

Man, apparently D.C. Cab's soundtrack is one sought after son of a bitch. It has been downloaded by people without RS accounts 462 times in under 3 days. Just as an example of how many downloads that is in such a short time - Fletch, much more popular and well known film, soundtrack posted November 6th, 2006, 400 downloads.

Moving on. I stumbled upon a rather rare treat the other day. This is the full version of Daichee Bell, which is played during Tochi's Do A Lap, Chug A Beer Tricycle race scene in Revenge of the Nerds (Spanish title - Guerra de Pazguato de Correría de Panty). Like some progressive metal song it takes over 2 minutes for the vocals to kick in, and then the song only lasts for about another 28 seconds after that. But it's still a very entertaining 3 minutes and 11 seconds of music.

While I'm here, a little shameless plug. I've just submitted a shirt design over at 6DollarShirts, so if anyone here likes my design, or future designs (waiting to see how bad the feedback is on this one first before I submit my other designs)give it vote. Here's a look - sorry to any Springsteen fans offended by the message, I'm just having fun here:

It's a cool site, by the way. Everything really is $6, and there are some really cool shirt designs available. In fact, I'm wearing the Callahan Auto Parts shirt at this exact moment.


LuckyTiger said...

Anybody else having trouble with the link to this masterpiece of 80's badness?

phelpster said...

Bloody hell, I screwed up the link. Sorry about that, it's good to go now:)

Booger said...

What the fuck are robster craws?

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy your Takashi shirt


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