Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Lots - Cheap Ass DVD Watch Vol. 4

Okay, I swear I don't work for this company. But their deals are getting better and better and I want to make sure the dozens (dozens!) of people who read my non-music sharing* posts can try and get in on these insane prices. I swung by yesterday and stumbled upon their latest assortment, $3 TV Box Sets, sets even better than the ones they had for $6 that I mentioned last week. I spent $45 total (well, $48 after tax) and came home with:

Something like $680 MSRP worth of discs for $45. That was pretty much all I could afford to buy yesterday, but they had a ton more. To name a few:

Adventures of Superman - All seasons
Birdman & Galaxy Trio
Flintstones S1,2,3,4,5 and 6
Jacques Cousteau River Explorations
Josie & The Pussycats
Larry King - Greatest Interviews
Lois & Clark - All Seasons
Murphy Brown
Space Ghost and Dino Boy
Tales From The Crypt S1,2,3,4,5,6 and maybe 7 (sooo glad I bought these for $20-30 a pop when they came out)

Also they have some other box sets with a $10 price point. I didn't find any of these, however a guy on a forum I go to took this picture of the $10 sets:
That NFL set has 40 discs by the way. That's gotta weigh 9 pounds. But, the best deal of all, some are finding this Looney Tunes Collection Volume 1-5 set, list price $325, among the $10 DVD sets.

If you've got a Big Lots! (not sure the exclamation in necessary) nearby, go.

*Speaking of music sharing, I know, I'll get some stuff up later today.


Nathan Shumate said...

My BigLots either is lame, or was well pocked over by the time I got there; the only TV boxed sets they had were Dallas seasons 1-2, West Wing season 2, and Dukes of Hazzard season 5-6 (and 5 was the season with the "fake" Duke boys).

phelpster said...

I would talk to a manager of the store and ask when they get shipments in. On Wednesday I asked and they told me Thursdays were their truck days. So I went in around 1 on Thursday (gave them time to put the stock out) and there were piles of new stuff in 3 separate locations. This new stuff just hit this week, so if it wasn't there this time it should probably be there the next time your store gets a truck.

Adam Gott said...

I think it's a 'regional wave shipment' thing going on. I always read about everyone getting these great deals and then they show up in our store (Idaho Falls, ID) about a week or two later.

In the $6 seasons I got some great deals though:

Wonder Woman - Seasons 1-3 - $6
Samurai Jack - Seasons 1-3 - $6
Smallville - Season 7 BLU-RAY! - $6

These $3 seasons are enough to make go in and check the store every day!

A Friend Of The Devil said...

Amazing! I live in NC as well... so hopefully these deals can be found in Raleigh.

A Friend Of The Devil said...

Yip yip... snatched up that Max Fleischer Popeye box set. Thanks a krillion!

phelpster said...

Adam - Wish I could find Samurai Jack, that one has been eluding me. That and Wonder Woman, although I did work out a trade to get that one finally.

A Friend of the Devil - Cool man, glad you were able to find what you needed there:)

Anonymous said...

my wife told me to tell you to stop telling me to go to Big Lots and buy DVDs. we dont have room for them and i shouldnt be spending the money...

now that I got that out of the way, on my most recent trip last week, here are some choice picks I was lucky to get:

He Knows You're Alone (w/director commentary!)

The Hand (w/Oliver Stone commentary)

The Right Stuff (2-disc special edition)

Cobra / Tango & Cash double feature (Cobra has director commentary!)

The Boogeyman (1980) and Return of the Boogeyman (which I think is Boogeyman 2 by the sme director)

Of Unknown Origin (w/director and Peter Weller commentary)

Cabaret (great special edition)

Harum Scarum (hey, its an Elvis movie)

Sam Kinison Unleashed

Hudson Hawk (a special edition with director commentary!)

The only box sets I have been able to nab are the Nightmares and Dreamscapes / Stephen King series, some Super-Friends and a Scooby Doo box.

Greg said...

I picked up the Pam Grier Fox in a Box set for $10. My friend went the next day and snagged one, his rang up at $4.00! This seems to happen a lot at this store.

Wendel said...

As BigLots gets its stock from hit-n-miss sources, they also distributed to their stores in a hit-n-miss fashion.

The store near my house did not get any box sets. The next store over was a treasure trove. I got two seasons of "Pinky and the Brain" and "Animaniacs," for far, far less than the $30 each at retail stores.

If it is not at the close store, check the next one over.

Shawn Robare said...

Hey man, thanks for posting these. You just saved me like a million dollars. Seriously...

greyslade said...

Just want to say I love your blog. You've helped me score many, many, rare recordings that I believed to be long gone, and the 'Big Lots' posts have been SO helpful! Thank you very much!!! Can't wait to see what treasure you share next!

greyslade said...

K, here's the current score list:

Tales from the Crypt S. 2-6
Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Jacques Cousteau River Explorations
Reel Talent: First Films by Legendary Directors
Dasterdly and Muttley Complete Series
Night Court S. 1
Nip Tuck S. 4
Mission Hill Complete Series
Lois and Clark S. 1-4

All under the price of 1 normally priced boxset! Thanks again – if you need any invites anywhere, hit me up – and may your blog live forever!

Spookywolffe said...

A few months ago, I managed to find The Dunwich Horror for $3, but unfortunately my local B/L was kinda picked over on the $3 boxes, so I was only able to procure Jose & the Pussycats for my daughter, alas. They had craploads of Joey, season 1, if anyone is in need.

TheGalaxy6 said...

You're my hero! I saw some of your older posts, and while one or two out of a huge stack caught my eye, I didn't pay much attention. Then I saw Thundercats, Popeye (still looking for these two, and I considered buying Popeye at full price!), and all the Superman, and had to start looking.

I live in Daytona and got Superman: The Animated Series Volume 1, Josie and the Pussycats: Complete Series, Mission Hill: Complete Series, and Birdman/Galaxy Trio: Complete Series.

My store has two different bins with DVDs, at first I Thought Superman was all I was gonna find, until I saw the whole corner of the store filled with DVDs.

Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

These discs are finally beginning to hit the shelves in my area ... still looking for the Space Ghost/Dino Boy and Blade: The Series sets, and would love to fill in the gaps in my Flintstones collection. Thanks for the heads up!

- Simon

Anonymous said...

I picked up the S1 Popeye, The History of Rock & Roll 5 disc set, Anamaniacs S1, George Reeves Superman, The Fog, Creepshow, and some other DVDS in Texas

Quintessential Studios said...

Someone gave me the "reel talent first films by legendary directors" from Big Lots, still wrapped, but it only has one disk in it.


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