Thursday, July 09, 2009

Vampire Tickle Fight - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

Time for another Morgue compilation. I call this one Vampire Tickle Fight. Why? Because. That's why! No, I just really felt the image of Drac and a victim to be looked more like they were engaged in a rather heavy bout of tickle fighting given that both opponents fingers are in each others armpit region - a popular tickling spot. I don't know. Either that or some kind of Amateur Vampire Chiropractory. Dammit, I think I like that better. Balls. Oh well, that doesn't really matter, the music included on the compilation is what's important. And I think you'll all enjoy at least a few of the obscure (and the some not at all obscure) songs on this comp. The tracks that make up this compilation are all songs featured in films, mostly of the horror variety, but a few 80s comedy songs are here as well.

Keep in mind, these tracks all come from a wide variety of sources - CD, LP, DVD, VHS, and maybe even LD rips - so the sound quality is going to vary from track to track. They should all be quite listenable, the only real problem is that some tracks are a lot quieter than others. I ripped some of these myself, found some on torrent sites and random Google searching. Credit and thanks go out to the people responsible for putting the others online.

The tracklist: Artist - Song Title - Film Song Is Featured In

  1. Warning
  2. Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead - Cold Prey
  3. Van Stephenson - No Secrets - Secret Admirer
  4. Alan Jordan - Mind To Mind - Scanners II: The New Order
  5. 2 Tite - Full Moon - Murder Party
  6. Terrence Mann - Power of the Night - Critters
  7. Shari Belafonte - Get Dead - Midnight Hour
  8. The Originals - Supernatural Voodoo Woman - Sugar Hill
  9. Paul Sabu - Cassie's Song - Hard Rock Zombies
  10. Gene Evaro - Oh What A Love, Oh What A Life - Mirror Mirror
  11. Shandi - Living on the Edge - Making The Grade
  12. Eric Troyer - This is the Love - The Night Visitor
  13. Unknown Artist - Zaniac - Freak Out
  14. Nuclear Assault - Something Wicked - Warlock II: The Armageddon
  15. The Fontanelles - Kiss Kicker 99 - Hobgoblins
  16. Crispin Clover - Ben - Willard
  17. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou - Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
  18. Showaddywaddy - Under The Moon of Love - Lesbian Vampire Killers
  19. Calamari Safari - Theme from Poultrygeist - Poultrygeist
  20. Detroit's Most Wanted - The Reynold's Rap - Lunatics: A Love Story

And, I've gone through and made little notes on each track below:

Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead from Fritt Vilt aka Cold Prey.

Van Stephenson - No Secrets from Secret Admirer. There is a soundtrack to this, but I must be losing my touch because I was unable to track it down. However, this was my favorite track from the movie, so I've included it.

Alan Jordan - Mind to Mind from Scanners 2. I had a lower quality rip of this, so I did this one myself using my R2 Scanners 2 DVD. Great song actually, check it out.

2 Tite - Full Moon from Murder Party. Not my kind of music at all, but dammit all this is a fantastic track from a rather hilarious movie.

Terrence Mann - Power of the Night from Critters. This one is pretty poor quality, but it's nearly impossible to find the full length version, so this is as good as it gets for now. I was surprised it wasn't played over the end credits, that was a hugely popular practice in the 1980s.

Shari Belafonte - Get Dead from Midnight Hour. Currently one of the most valuable Out of Print DVDs around. Starting at $129 on eBay, all the way up to $712 on Amazon. A message to the Amazon seller asking the price of a fully funtioning 1974 Gremlin for a barebones DVD of a TV movie from 1985 - Good luck, fucker!

The Originals - Supernatural Voodoo Woman from Sugar Hill. Fantastic theme song from the Zomblaxploitation classic. Raunchy and soulful, like any blaxploitation theme should be.

Paul Sabu - Cassie's Song from Hard Rock Zombies.Lovely tune, but it would've been more fitting playing over the credits of a movie called Power Ballad Zombies, or Mid-80s Puss Rock Zombies.

Gene Evaro - Oh What A Love, Oh What A Life from Mirror Mirror. Starring my favorite actress named Rainbow, Rainbow Harvest. Rainbow Ching's got nothing on Rainbow Harvest. Thanks to Vinnie for this one.

Shandi - Living on the Edge from Making the Grade, the Judd Nelson comedy from 1984. Anyone have the full soundtrack from this? Limited Edition of 1,500 was put out in 2005, couldn't find it anywhere though.

Eric Troyer - This is the Love from The Night Visitor (1989). Starring a very bearded Elliot Gould. This song, while very catchy seems a little too "wussy" for a movie about demons, hookers and ritual killings.

Zaniac! from Freak Out. Can't remember who this was credited to, fun Maniac-sounding track from the end credits of the film.

Nuclear Assault - Something Wicked from Warlock II: The Armageddon.

The Fontanelles - Kiss Kicker 99 from Hobgoblins. For me, one of the all-time most rewatchable MST episodes is show 907, featuring Hobgoblins. The Fontanelles performance was just one of many high points. The chorus from this poor song (which isn't actually too bad) is misinterpreted by Mike, Tom and Crow as everything from Pig Licker to Lick Kisser to Piss Taker....wait, that last one was mine.

Crispin Glover - Ben from Willard. I'm pretty amazed that I couldn't find this as an MP3 anywhere online. There's a creepy music video for this on the Willard DVD - which is where this rip comes from. Surprised that it wasn't all over the interweb already.

Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou from Prom Night II. Not a fan of Prom Night (boring, fun music though), but Prom Night II and the incredibly comedic Prom Night III are both a blast.

Calimari Safari - Theme from Poultrygeist. Troma's finest hour? In my opinion, yes. At the very least, this has the funniest credits I've ever seen. A sample:
Andrew Monkelban... Wheelchaired Protester (as Andy Monkelban)
Chris Sciuto ... Looks Like a Dick
Elisabeth Sobocinski ... Pretty Young Protester
A.J. Verel ... Mexican with no Greencard
Debbie Rochon ... Famous Actress Hit by Beer
Elske McCain (hey, I've traded DVDs with her) ... Naked Protester
Nick Koenig ... Inside-out Jared / Head Cracked & Brains Scrambled Victim
Joshua Samuel Strauss ... Neckbrace
Keith Godejohn ... Soccer Leg Victim
Verena Jahnke ... Face in Deli Slicer
Ian C. King ... Head Cracker & Brains Scrambler Zombie
Purple Pam Shelby ... Fake Tits Ripped Off
Kevin Barnes ... Fake Tits Eating Zombie
Justin Bivens ... Make a Wish Zombie (as Justin 'Beast' Bivens)
Ryan Mead ... Princess Chicken Zombie
Steven A. Grainger ... Drumstick Victim
Bitte Andersson ... Gives Birth to Egg
Beth Charlesworth ... Afro Zombie
Louie Podlaski ... Spineless Victim
Trevor Black ... Mohawked Zombie
Gregory Paul Smith ... Dead Zombie in the Fry Bin
Charlotte Kaufman ...Dance-off Zombie #1
Sam Anderson ... Dance-off Zombie #2
D.J. Markuson ... Eyes Pecked Out Massacre Victim (uncredited)

Detroit's Most Wanted - The Reynold's Rap from Lunatics: A Love Story. Starring one of my favorite people, the gorgeous and talented Deborah Foreman. Also featuring a manic performance from the great Ted Raimi.

AD Vee has supplied a better quality version of Power of the Night. Get it here. Thanks AD!

If you enjoyed this one, I've got another one in the works I like to call Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Werewolves (patent pending).


AD Vee said...

Here's a pretty good copy I have for Power of the Night if you need a better version:

serdarot said...

Solid playlist, great notes!

Begita Larcos said...

I love these Compilations
You should definitely find the Ted Raimi rap from "Man with the Screaming Brain" from the credits of the film
also the Waxwork 2 Lost in Time end theme :D

phelpster said...

AD Vee, oh awesome, thanks a lot! I'll add that link to the post some everyone can get it also.

Begita - Thanks for the suggestions, I own both of those so I'll see if I can rip them and include them on the next compilation.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been looking for Eric Troyer's "This Is the Love" for awhile, however, your links is no longer valid. Is there any way you could please reupload this? I haven't found it anywhere else, it seems like it doesn't exist. I was surprised to find it here!

cerita dewasa said...

complete playlist

info cpns said...



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