Friday, July 24, 2009

Even More Stuff You Can't Do On Television

Things you're going to want to watch for:

The Downside to Discount Plastic Surgery or I Think George Lucas Is Gonna Sue Somebody

Son of Clouseau - Hey, at least this kid's Clouseau isn't as annoying as Steve Martin's

Sir Thomas Crapper - Inventor of the Flush Toilet

Quatrogenarian Wolf

A Diet - will it hurt? Really?

How does this guy keep passing the health inspection?

Death by Smell-O-Rama - This would be funnier if you could see it

Bring Your Creepy English Daughter to Your Shift on You Can't Do That On Television Day

Rectums are no place for needles

Alasdair's T Tee - The Toughest Tee in the World

An Orange Sliming?


Anonymous said...

NICE funny movie Enjoy Joke

Weird Eyes said...

Omygod Wow! I thought I was lucky to get the theme song here:

Monsters theme is a good one too.

Thanks for all the uploads, I don't comment on every single one (can't think of much else to say usually but, "omg Thanx!")...but I certainly appreciate them greatly.

Sincerely: Thanks!


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